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An open Hangout Thread Feel free to come say Hello~!



4-1-01 ---- 5-8-17
German shepherd/Australian cattle dog

Till we meet again my Friend
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Age- N/A
Name- Hana
Hana as a given name may have any of several origins. It can be a variant transliteration of Hannah, which is the Jewish and French and Christian form, meaning "grace" in Hebrew associated with God. It is also a Kurdish name meaning hope (هانا), a Persian name meaning flower (حَنا), and an Arabic name meaning happiness (هَنا). As a Japanese name, it usually translates as flower (花). In Korean, it means the number one (하나). In Albanian, "Hana" means "moon". In Hawaiian, "Hana" means "craft" or "work" . In Maori, "Hana" means to shine, glow, give out heat, radiate.

RelationshipStatus- Taken
eyes- green

favorite animals wolves Lion's, fox's raven/crows, Killerwhales and Sharks
i like to Draw, listen to music and read
i also enjoy hiking and exploring
i collect Animal skulls, Crystals, rocks,shells
and other things
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here is one example of my art

i will probably add more to this sample section later
all of my art is traditionally drawn or water colored

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I like to RP and COSPLAY.
Both on Gaia and in real life

i enjoy many kinds of music but mostly
celtic, Elvish,Nordic, Fantasy
Japanese/instrumental/traditional along with anime music
and i am also very fond of symph metal

this is a new account but ive been here since like 05-06
was user "rain inthe wind"
A few youtube artists i am fond of are

Peter Hollins
Lindsey Stirling
Adrian von ziegler
Peter Crowley
Beth Crowley
Lizz robinett
Silent Banshee

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Avi Art from Awesome users
A Extra Thanks to Everyone who has done Art for me
You all have lovely styles and i love every piece of art i receive
weather it is commissioned or given as a gift
Thank you So much with all my sincerity

Thank you Goomy's

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Thank you CrystalSugarStars
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Thank you Kikko Mangetsu
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Thank you Javjas
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Thank you Puppiecup
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Thank you Midnight Possessions

Thank you Docotoro
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Thank You Synchrone
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Thank you MintyMiDraws
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Thank you tukkt
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Thank you Purple Pimp Crusader
(looking forward to seeing more progress on this piece)
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Thank you GaIio
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Thank you baby mewtwo

Thank you I Nasura I
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Thank you Unagi
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Thank you orgimli
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Thank you SCVMMY
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Thank you +ThirA+
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Thank you Moose Milk
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Thank you Rhep
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Thank you Xidiaa
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Thank you Chaos_angel3
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Thank you Primo Dracophen

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User Image

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User Image
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thank you Genos-kun
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Thank you General Ninja Ferret
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Thank you Blood Fxtish

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Thank you Puppy Senpai

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Thank you Dicky Haze

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Tristam Kalder Report | 01/22/2022 11:35 am
Tristam Kalder
And a Happy New Years!
2sammygate Report | 08/07/2021 10:55 pm
i bookmark with the username, but it was a few years ago domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 07/25/2021 10:23 pm
how's things been? i remember i ordered art off you forever ago lel domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 07/23/2021 6:20 pm
happy birthday! domokun stargate
Tristam Kalder Report | 02/15/2021 10:02 pm
Tristam Kalder
Ha! That's a mood xD
Tristam Kalder Report | 01/25/2021 9:52 pm
Tristam Kalder

And a Happy New Years to you
AIIisonWonderIand Report | 06/29/2020 12:37 am
Thank you for the purchase! heart
2sammygate Report | 02/21/2020 12:19 pm
aight, well feel better soon! *snugs* domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 02/21/2020 11:25 am
you wanna give this avi a try, artwise? X3 domokun stargate
2sammygate Report | 02/21/2020 10:51 am
i had a good sleep so yeah XD i'm gonna take my pug for a walk soon. domokun stargate


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