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Zodiac: Gemini
Chinese: Horse
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Blood Type: ....I don't actually know...

Health Status: -24
Life Force: -1
Strength: Normal: 2 Epinephrine: 53
Defense: 2
Speed; Sprint: 3 Long: 1
Magic: 13
Mental: 6

(Versus the Averages of 50, 100, 10;35, 10, 4;3, None wtf?, 5)

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Shadow Spirit: Camare

Tea, Sweets, Girls, RP,
Characters, Yuri, Buffy the Vampire Slayer,
Manga, Anime, Movies,
( Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy IX, Kingdom Hearts 2, Pokemon, Sonic )
(Alternative, Indie, and Emo, Rock
Swing and just about everything else
-Favorite Band Of The Moment: Tough Guys Take Over )
Debates, Things Organized In Numbers, Personalities,
Foxes, Cats, and Pandas!
M*A*S*H, Ai Yazawa, Books
Webcomics, Things with a PLOT, Shoujo

English Voices in Anime
Dawn on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Getting Outta Bed

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For anyone wondering about my signature, originally, I took the icon and saved the link and persons username in one of my docs...and magically that doc disappeared...So, the ones I know are tagged on my photobucket and I'm slowly rebuildin em @_@; No thievery intended.

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----Yarru's Questy!
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The most awesome people!

-coughihatezanehegivesmetoomuchcrapcoughcough- He's still amazing though. Without the givage he is awesome and you're missing out on one of the few good things in life if you dunno him :O

From Quests Before or Wishlists =o
Na-chan~ <33333
Anna Munzie =D
Lor <3
[Leon_Belmont]~ Cause he's crazy o_O;
Saku! <3
Pocky heart xtententwentyfivethou O_O
Self-Proclaimed Fascist whee
MDK ^___^
Caitlyn the envious kitty =O
robochan (jace)
twila dark

And my other half (Kenomuru Tisoki) pwns major ass without donating to me but he did anyway =O

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And Yarru loves Lor <3

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Me with the Best People in Existence

Me and My Sidekick (Paco x3)
(the amazing Nao drew it whee )
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Me and Pocky =D
(Pocky drew it <3)
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Me and My Other Half =D
By Neppy <3
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Avies Of Wonder!
Yarru once quested Avie Arts and but eventually got bored of them and stopped carring about his/her OCs (Sorry kids >>; ) But before that I made a good collection =] Favorite one is at the top rest are in my journal so check em out ~3
Top one by Ami. A million hearts wouldn't be enough.

P.S. Damn Zane to Hell.

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You made it to the comments and such...Wow!

I should really edit this.
    this is my custom section


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Sakura Sagumi

Report | 10/02/2010 12:42 pm

Sakura Sagumi

User Image I love you...

Never knew you were genderless. o: News to me! lol! But I guess that does sound cooler. :B
I am not on the forums too much. Here and there in art freebies, but that's about it. lmfao
Yeah for sure! People grow up and things change... Sometimes they are good changes. <3 Sometimes not so much. </3 lmfao
My attitude is pretty positive most of the time. I just have to think of the good things I want and keep them in mind. I'm going to get them one day. <3

...you idiot. User Image
Sakura Sagumi

Report | 10/01/2010 11:14 pm

Sakura Sagumi

User Image I love you...

Oh that is umm.... interesting?
If you are generless, how are you an eight face MAN? Hmn!?
I am kidn of getting back into this but since more ofmy friends are gone... I'm a little eh~ haha!
Otherwise I have been pretty good... a little emo here and there, but that's life.
We all have our moments. heart

...you idiot. User Image
Sakura Sagumi

Report | 10/01/2010 10:04 pm

Sakura Sagumi

Hey hey Yarru! Long time no chat! What's going on? (:
Sakura Sagumi

Report | 10/01/2010 8:36 pm

Sakura Sagumi

Yarru! biggrin lulz

Report | 06/20/2010 10:07 am


>.> i still say you're peyo's daddy.
dans ma Poche

Report | 06/16/2010 6:09 am

dans ma Poche

Stop!... Hammer time!
` iLor x Morphine

Report | 06/16/2010 12:55 am

` iLor x Morphine

Haha! I try. I lubs you too & miss you, ofcourse!
Kenomuru Tisoki

Report | 06/15/2010 6:36 pm

Kenomuru Tisoki

Yeah that's true.
It just feel a bit weird now that I am a quarter of a century old.
I'll be 50 next before I even know it. Life is flying by so fast.
I have to make the best of it anyway I can. 3nodding
Kenomuru Tisoki

Report | 06/01/2010 6:22 pm

Kenomuru Tisoki

Awesome! I stayed at home and my mom had threw me and my twin sister a party and it was fun but too bad that Erik couldn't come. I can't believe that I'm 25 now. I feel so old.
Kenomuru Tisoki

Report | 05/29/2010 5:34 pm

Kenomuru Tisoki

Happy Birthday other half! ^_^


----teh bald genderless eight face man.----
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