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My name is Chelsea, I am 23 years old, my birthday is July 28th, I'm bisexual, and I graduated high school year 2010. I am happily taken by my boyfriend Cody! We have been dating since October 20th, 2010. I recently gave birth to our son, James on August 6, 2014.
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I took 3 years of Japanese while in high school and am continuing the language through Rosetta Stone. I encourage everyone to take the class if possible! And if not possible, Rosetta Stone has not only kept my Japanese fresh, but has also taught me more than what I learned in school. Summer of 2009, I participated in a program where I stayed in Japan for 2 weeks. I traveled between Nagoya, Hamamatsu, and Kyoto. In the future, I hope to become a Japanese to English translator (for big manga publishing companies, specifically yaoi ones).

My favorite animal is a cat! I have 3, a Russian Blue named Grey Grey, a calico named Gizmo, and an orange and white named Carrots. I also have 2 sugar gliders, their names are Satou (female) and Jew (male).
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I can recommend yaoi to just about anyone, based off of preferences, so feel free to pm me if you want a recommendation. Yaoi is my biggest hobby and obsession, so feel free to talk about yaoi with me anytime. (Please note: yaoi as in original works, not slash).

My friend flogg that molly or Beth died some time ago so if you wanna check her out her avatar is still here... She was an awesome person and me and my family loved her very much!

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(out-dated photo)

Manga I Own:
Girl Got Game volumes 1-10 (finished)
Alice 19th volumes 1-7 (finished)
Absolute Boyfriend volumes 1-6 (finished)
Captive Hearts volume 1-5 (finished)
Imadoki volumes 1-5 (finished)
MeruPuri volume 1-4 (finished)
The Earl & The Fairy volumes 1-4 (finished)
Beast Master volume 1-2 (finished)
Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time (AniManga) volumes 1-2 (finished)
Wanted volume 1 (finished)
Vampire Knight volumes 1-14
Dengeki Daisy volumes 1-13
After School Nightmare volume 1-4, 6 & 7
Ceres: Celestial Legend volumes 1-3
Angelic Runes 1&2
Fruits Basket volume 1&2
Hana-Kimi volume 1&2
Love Hina volumes 1&2
Kill Me Kiss Me volume 2
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: Movie 1st the Comics volume 1 - Japanese
Shounen Jump Manga volume 1
X-Men Misfits volume 1

TOTAL VOLUMES: 89, 22 Different Series

Yaoi/Shounen-ai Manga I Own:
Our Kingdom volumes 1-6 (finished)
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love volumes 1-4 (finished)
Eerie Queerie volumes 1-4 (finished)
Tale of the Waning Moon volume 1-4 (finished)
Yellow volumes 1-4 (finished)
Can't Win With You! volumes 1-3 (finished)
Hero Heel volume 1-3 (finished)
Legal Drug volumes 1-3 (finished)
RIN! volumes 1-3 (finished)
A Gentleman's Kiss volume 1-2 (finished)
Brilliant Blue volumes 1-2 (finished)
Castle Mango volume 1-2 (finished)
Happy Boys volumes 1-2 (finished)
Kiss Blue volume 1-2 (finished)
Love Recipe volumes 1-2 (finished)
Ordinary Crush volume 1-2 (finished)
Our Everlasting volumes 1-2 (finished)
Red Angel volumes 1-2 (finished)
Steal Moon volume 1-2 (finished)
Sunflower volumes 1-2 (finished)
9th Sleep volume 1 (finished)
A Bloody Kiss Tonight volume 1 (finished)
Almost Crying volume 1 (finished)
A Love Song for the Miserable volume 1 (finished)
Ambiguous Relationship volume 1 (finished)
Author's Pet volume 1 (finished)
Calling volume 1 (finished)
Cute Beast volume 1 (finished)
Dash! volume 1 (finished)
Desire volume 1 (finished)
Desire Sensibility volume 1 (finished)
Dry Heat volume 1 (finished)
Freefall Romance volume 1 (finished)
FreshMen volume 1 (finished)
Gorgeous Charat Galaxy volume 1 (finished, sequel to Gorgeous Carat)
Hate to Love You volume 1 (finished)
How to Capture a Martini volume 1 (finished)
How to Control a Sidecar volume 1 (finished)
Hybrid Child volume 1 (finished)
I'll Be Your Slave volume 1 (finished)
KaShinFu volume 1 (finished)
King of Debt volume 1 (finished)
Kissing volume 1 (finished)
La Vie en Rose volume 1 (finished)
L'Etoile Solitaire volume 1 (finished)
Little Cry Baby volume 1 (finished)
Lost Boys volume 1 (finished)
Love Bus Stop volume 1 (finished)
Lover's Flat volume 1 (finished)
Manic Love volume 1 (finished)
Man's Best Friend volume 1 (finished)
Melted Love volume 1 (finished)
Midare Somenishi volume 1 (finished) - Japanese
My Only King volume 1 (finished)
Naughty But Nice volume 1 (finished, sequel is Spicy but Sweet)
Ninth Life Love volume 1 (finished)
New Beginnings volume 1 (finished)
Only the Ring Finger Knows volume 1 (finished)
Open the Door to Your Heart volume 1 (finished)
Our Kingdom: Arabian Nights volume 1 (finished)
Picnic volume 1 (finished)
Poison Cherry Drive volume 1 (finished)
Restart volume 1 (finished)
Shinobu Kokoro - Hidden Heart volume 1 (finished)
Shy Intentions volume 1 (finished)
Sighing Kiss volume 1 (finished)
Skyscrapers of Oz volume 1 (finished)
Spell volume 1 (finished)
Spring Fever volume 1 (finished)
Stolen Heart volume 1 (finished)
Storm Flower volume 1 (finished)
Sweet Revolution volume 1 (finished)
Thirsty for Love volume 1 (finished)
Three Wolves Mountain volume 1 (finished)
Uwasa no Oujisama volume 1 (finished) - Japanese
You and Harujion volume 1 (finished)
Junjo Romantica volumes 1-12
Loveless volumes 1-11
The Tyrant Falls in Love volume 1-8
Haru wo Daiteita volume 1-7 - Japanese
Blue Sheep Reverie volumes 1-6
Kizuna volumes 2-5, 8 and 9 - Japanese
Finder: Target in my Viewfinder volumes 1-6
Great Place High School: Studen Council volume 1-4
Awkward Silence volumes 1-3
Crimson Spell volumes 1-3
Teahouse chapters 1-3
Yellow 2 Episodes 1-3
Maiden Rose volumes 1-2
Rabbit Man, Tiger Man volumes 1-2
Takumi-kun Series volumes 1-2
B-Boy Zips volume 28 (contains 8 oneshots) - Japanese
Black Knight volume 3
Camera, Camera, Camera volume 2
Deadlock volume 1
Don't Blame Me volume 1
False Memories volume 1
Gorgeous Carat volume 1
Great Place High School volume 1
Il gatto sul G volume 2
Kusatta Kyoushi no Houteishiki volume 6 - Japanese
Little Butterfly volume 1
Passion volume 2
Pure Heart volume 1
The Loudest Whisper volume 1

TOTAL VOLUMES: 208, 105 Different Series

Yuri Manga I Own:
Kashimashi volume 1-2
Strawberry Panic volume 1-2

TOTAL VOLUMES: 4, 2 Different Series

Anime I Own:
Ouran High School Host Club DVD 1 EP 1-7

Yaoi/Shounen-ai Anime I Own:
Gakuen Heaven DVD 1-4 Ep. 1-13 (complete)
Junjou Romantica: Season One EP 1-12 (complete)
Junjou Romantica: Season Two EP 13-24 (complete)
Kizuna DVD 1-2 (complete)
Papa to Kiss in the Dark DVD 1 (complete)
Descendants of Darkness DVD 2
Loveless DVD 1

2 Kurosh*tsuji Wallscrolls
Junjou Romantica Wallscroll

2 Legend of Zelda T-Shirt's
I Love Anime Shirt (the love is in Kanji)
My Neighbor Totoro Shirt
Vampire Knight Shirt
Yuki Cross Cosplay from Vampire Knight


1 Drap (yaoi magazine) - in Japanese
1 Kukikomi (yaoi magazine) - in Japanese
1 LaLa (shoujo magazine) - in Japanese
1 Young Animal (seinen magazine) - in Japanese
2 Hana to Yume (shoujo magazines) - in Japanese
5 Shonen Jump's (shounen magazines)
15 Shojo Beat's (shoujo magazines)
63 Shukan Shonen Magajin (Weekly Shounen Magazine) - in Japanese
Inuyasha Bookmark
Kyo Sohma Cat Plushie (Fruits Basket)
Shojo Beat 2008 Calender (from the Shojo Beat magazine)
Vampire Knight Pencil Box
Kaichou wa Maid-sama Fan (from the LaLa magazine)
Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Ears
Vampire Knight Backpack
I Love Yaoi Purse/Shoulder Bag
I Love Yaoi Choker
Ouran High School Host Club Notebook
L'Etoile Solitaire (yaoi) Postcard
Cute Beast (yaoi) Postcard
Yaoi Paddle

TOTAL AMOUNT OF MANGA: 301 Volumes, 129 Different Series

1. Yaoi
2. Japan (language and culture)
3. Manga (and Anime)
4. Romance/Shoujo
5. Forbidden Love Relationships

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heart Donations/Gifts heart
10XxAngel of DarknessxX01: Elemental Wings, G-LOL Blue Gown, Yama no Tamago, Western Zodiac, Inari's Beads, Oculus Mythica, and Wingding 4th Gen. eek
simplysimple666: Demonic Anklets, Gift of the Gods, Summoning Tome, and Elegant Black Satin Coat.
Me77111: A Gold Gold Revolution, Silent Night, and Snow Feather.
monkpichu1: Yokai's Treasure, 11,000g, and 1,165 Tokens.
MarkoIchatsuki: Lumiere Noire
Heavenly Skies Above: Blushing Bride's Embroidered Skirt.
Alisyn_of_Greenbriar: Grace of Eros.
Raine Destruction: Sacred Leaf.
XdrummerX92: Doll Ears.
Ivellios25: Were Claws.
demon_angel_morbid: 4 free avi art! heart
XNediam_NoriX: 4 free avi art!
LinkIsMine: 1 free avi art!
moonstarnin: 1 free avi art!
Thank you SO much you guys, for all the stuff you have given me! You are mucho loved! <3


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I plan on writing about... well, I guess just my life in general... things I like, things I'm working on, poems, stories, etc.


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