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heyooo! you can call me yan. c: previous username: yandesu
this is a mule account i created mainly for the purpose of rping.

i can be seen in the rp forums often and spend most of my free time lurking around. i'd like to say i'm pretty open minded and would be down for most things. i sometimes make simple graphics on occasion (i use gimp because #2poor4photoshop), and if you need one made, you can totally ask if we're in a rp together! i might not always have the time/inspiration/energy to make them, but if i do, i'll make you one for free!

anyway~ i have a partial weakness for mxm and mxf pairings. i like fxf pairings too, but i'm a bit pickier with them only because i don't really rp females, and when i do, i never tend to like my characters, much... xD //shot.

and if you haven't guessed, i love yanderes, a lot. but the types of characters i usually end up playing are prideful a** tsunderes/kuuderes or some variation of them. ┐(°ヮ°) ...don't ask.

ALSO. let it be known now, that i ship and multiship EVERYTHING... canon or oc. if you talk to me about certain ships, whether it's from a rp we're in together or just from a certain series, chances are i won't ever shut up. ever. xD you've been warned!

if you feel like chatting or anything, hmu! i love anime and video games and i'm a friendly person... i think~? hehehe. ♥ BUT. i am insanely awkward and a procrastinator so you'll have to forgive me for that.

p.s.: i may have dyslexia so if you see any mistakes i make in my writing, don't hesitate to let me know!

oh, and random fun fact: i used to seriously dislike yaoi up until watching 07-ghost. the teito/mikage pairing is what got me into yaoi and thus it will forever be my otp of all mxm otps. I WILL FITE U ON THIS.

final note: feel free to ask me about one x ones at any point in time! chances are i'll say yes if i have the muse for it. :D

...i lied. my final note is that i don't use discord... ever. it spikes my social anxiety to new heights, sooo... yeah. totally sucks, but that's how it is.

k, i've rambled long enough now, but thanks for reading and have a nice day!!!

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