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.☆Bonjour ~ Hello ~ Goeiedag ~ こんにちは ~ Hola☆.
My name's Tracey but you can call me 'Aya' if you want, or whatever you'd like.
I'm from Belgium. I speak French but my English is not so bad... I guess lol. I've learned Dutch and Spanish at school but I can only understand and not reply, sorry. I'm also trying to learn Japanese by myself but I'm a real beginner.
I'm 24 & working as a medical secretary.

I love anything related to Japan:
Music, Drama, Culture, People,...
But what I really really love is the food (takoyaki, omerice, okonomiyaki ...).

Eeeh~ I'm not really good at describing myself, so if you have any question, feel free to ask me (^^')


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xo Nonalie Report | 10/22/2019 2:49 pm
xo Nonalie
Your avais really pretty! whee
choosy moms choose jeff Report | 08/07/2015 12:20 pm
choosy moms choose jeff
Thanks for buying!
The Unknown Dark Vader Report | 10/15/2014 10:58 am
The Unknown Dark Vader
heeeeeey whats uppp yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_strawberry yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi yum_puddi heart heart heart heart heart heart
iLollipopss Report | 05/04/2014 1:36 pm
Thankss c:
Yours pretty cute yourself 4laugh
Draco Lionheart Report | 06/12/2013 7:36 pm
Draco Lionheart
Hi. what's the weather like there. It's just the start of summer here in the Southern part of the U.S and already it was 94 degrees today. sweatdrop lol
Foxy Nova Report | 03/23/2013 4:00 am
Foxy Nova
C'était effectivement hier, merci beaucoup ^.^
Foxy Nova Report | 03/23/2013 3:58 am
Foxy Nova
C'était effectivement hier, merci beaucoup ^.^
Kindagon Report | 03/03/2013 9:24 am
Yes it has been, and i feel sorry..
I'm fine, just as usual. Busy with school!
like there's nothing better o do in all our miserable life!!
Kindagon Report | 03/02/2013 12:40 pm
Yo! what's up.. how ya been?
Kindagon Report | 07/15/2012 1:19 pm
Warri! i'm just a lil tired and just checking things.. will reply 1st thing in the morning..
i hope i will fully understand it all though, knowing what is written is something, and getting the meanings
is just something else emotion_sweatdrop

Mata ashta emotion_yatta


Bump here if I am glowing, thanks ! (direct link)[/size:cac7d57669]


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