Life freakin' Story

Name's Kaitlyn. I was born and raised in Indiana. And now I'm a sweet sixteen! Woot! I don't even know why I'm writing in this section...well, I like tacos, and I like to sing when no one's around. You should see my mad dance skills! Hehe, not really! I like to dance in the rain and I'm a sucker for romance. I love, love, love to read! Writings cool, too! Drawing's fun when I want to get my emotions down on paper. Not like anyone's ever going to see my doodles! hehe, they're private...and kind of morbid...hehehehe! I'm a bit insane...but aren't we all? The world's just so much more FUN when a bit of crazy is added! You can usually find me smiling or laughing at something. Laughing's good! My life is pretty much equivalent to a barrel of monkeys...I really don't know what that means. I made it up, I make things up! Whoooo! I'm pretty random and my mind is pretty far into the gutter! hey, what are you going to do about it? I'm a teenager...I welcome my raging hormones with welcome arms! Anyways, where were we...hehehe! My favorite colors (cuz you're DYING to know) are electric blue, cloudy sky gray, jugular red, and lightning yellow! I could totally design stupid names for crayons! I luuuurrrrve the Beatles! You don't even KNOW! Other bands are cool too. I like everything from techno, to Jamaican heavy metal, to German pop, to classical stuff like Vivaldi! Woot! I'm a nerd...I actually like math and I'm in band and I love video games (Zelda's my favorite) and I go to walmart with my brother wearing 3D glasses around the store! It was his know when ol' Walmart had those stupid Hannah Montana 3D glasses set out in a BIG box? Well, yeah we got some pairs and wore them...we got some weird looks. I'M NOT CRAZY! hehehehehehehe! Hmm, this whole life story is getting out of hand so I'm gonna stop here 1) cuz I'm lazy and 2) I have better, more important things to get on youtube! hehehehehe! You know you love me!!!!

Lovey Love Love,
Kaitlyn aka Yance