It's been a long time (around a year) since I've been on Gaia. Wow has a lot changed. Personally I've been on this site for only a few years, before leaving, so I'm not the best judge for the amount of change that this site has gone through. But beyond that I have missed it and the people on it.


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C077x Report | 04/13/2014 6:09 pm
Well it is only a b average, and it pays for most of it.
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 6:06 pm
Yeah under a certian GPA I lose scholarship >.>
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 6:03 pm
It's school work, pretty much nothing has changed except grades matter
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 6:01 pm
There are 3 in the cs now. college is going alright I guess.
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 5:57 pm
Well Gaia released gold generators. Then make 100 gold generators making 10$ GC = 1 bill gold.... and you can get 100 averaging at 12 mill a pop for 20$... and it took off from there.
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 5:54 pm
Good, trying to get a pair of wings... and battling the inflation.
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 5:51 pm
Oh shiz, I forgot to tell you... I'm Dallas smile . Yay your back <3
C077x Report | 04/13/2014 4:43 am
Hey you, saw you changed your avatar. Whats up?
Ghost Trapper Report | 06/11/2012 5:45 pm
Ghost Trapper
Hello !
Xelvorktork Report | 03/08/2012 7:24 pm
Happy birthday? sweatdrop
I dont know, the notifications said it was your birthday again, i congratulate, just in case lol


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