The Lawlz of Zega is copyrighted to and only to Zega. He will only display it to his friends. Anyone who DARES copy and paste this and then print it out will be copying from Zega. Anyone who DARES copy from Zega will get mecha-slapped off the internets by his anime character Goldaro [by the way, did I mention Goldaro is the size of the moon?]
If your friend has given you this but do not know Zega, then please kindly kill the person who gave this to you.
1~Zega hates America. [not a racist]
2~Zega loves Asia.
3~Zega is Asian.
4~Zega loves Viet Nam.
5~Zega loves Japan.
6~Zega has his own language.
7~His language is called Asian.
8~Zega loves anime.
9~Zega loves manga.
10~Zega's favorite anime is Ryuusei no RockMan.
11~Zega's favorite manga is the RockMan Zero manga.
12~Zega has all issues of the RockMan Zero manga.
13~Zega's second favorite manga is the Bokura no Taiyou manga.
14~Zega has all issues of Bokura no Taiyou, RockMan.EXE, and Ryuusei no RockMan manga.
15~Zega is indeed a RockMan addict.
16~Zega speaks Viet Namese and Japanese.
17~Zega is most likely more Asian than anyone else.
18~Zega transcends logic.
19~Zega screws logic and goes with what he feels is right.
20~Zega will refer to himself in the 3rd person as he wishes.
21~Zega will refer to himself however he chooses.
22~Everyone else can refer to him as Zega-sama.
23~Zega thinks Naruto is overrated and RockMan > Naruto. Period.
24~Zega is indeed crazy.
25~Zega is 94% crazy.
26~Zega is kidding most of the time.
27~Zega might be crazy, but he is still a genius.
28~Zega does not give a crap what people say to him.
29~Words have no power on Zega.
30~Any n00bs that tries to flame Zega are asstards with nothing better to do than be gay. Period.
31~Zega shall only give a crap if people say good things about him.
32~Zega is still a RockMan addict.
33~Zega has played Battle Chip Stadium, Phantom of the Network, and Legend of the Network.
34~Zega could eaisly get girls.
35~Zega hardly bothers to get girls.
36~Zega's favorite food is curry.
37~Zega also likes sushi and ramen.
38~The only language Zega speaks is Asian, VietNamese, and Japanese.
39~The only way Zega is speaking in English now is because his typing is done by his pack of monkey minions.
40~Zega does not do homework.
41~Zega leaves his homework to his monkeys.
42~Zega has several friends, of many cultures, males and females.
43~Zega's friends are the most important people to him.
44~Zega's friends > you. End of story.
45~Zega will make an anime when he grows up.
46~Zega's anime will own any other anime.
47~Zega's anime is called "Yami no Zega."
48~Zega has made a lot of characters.
49~Zega's list of characters ranges from between 50 to 80 and still growing.
50~Zega's storyline contains 6 seasons and still growing.
51~Zega will only like an anime/manga when he has seen/read the Japanese versions.
52~Zega will not always use correct grammar.
53~zega wil talk 1337 wen he feels liek it
54~The only books Zega will willingly read are manga.
55~Zega is very lazy.
56~Zega is awesome.
57~In the events where someone asks Zega "Why?" Zega will answer "Because I'm cool like that."
58~Zega has his own theme song.
59~Zega does not feel like singing his theme song now.
60~If you have known Zega for at least a month, you would be a moron to not know that Zega doesn't give a crap.
61~Zega has his own catchphrase.
62~His catchphrase is, "It's amusing how n00bs don't know that Zega doesn't give a crap."
63~Zega is most likely the most Asian guy in his city.
64~Zega has WiFi for his DS.
65~Zega has no need for Wii, PS3, or XBox360, since those don't have RockMan games.
66~Zega makes funny a** videos.
67~All of his funny a** videos can be found at his YouTube.
68~His YouTube is: http://www.youtube.com/user/zega666.
69~Do not question why some of Zega's episodes are missing.
70~Zega' videos are indeed funny. Period.
71~Do not question Zega.
72~Zega is a faithful Catholic.
73~Zega pledges his allegience not to America, but to Asia.
74~Zega has done all Bokura no Taiyou-RockMan sidequests in both games.
75~Zega is still awesome.
76~Zega is more awesomer than you.
77~RockMan transcends anime.
78~In other words, it means it's better than all the other anime.
79~Zega loves hentai and DiD.
80~Zega's anime will become a video game.
81~Zega thinks that Capcom of America is cheap.
82~RockMan still owns Naruto by a long shot.
83~Zega's anime will own all other anime.
84~Zega has a great imagintaion.
85~Zega can create 20 chracters in one day if he is really bored.
86~Zega's favorite RockMan.EXE game is Battle Chip Stadium.
87~Zega's favorite RockMan game of all time is also Battle Chip Stadium.
88~Zega's second fave RockMan game is RockMan ZX Advent.
89~Zega's third favorite RockMan game is RockMan 2.
90~Zega cannot draw.
91~Zega will learn how to draw.
92~Zega's girlfriend > you.
93~Zega's favorite type of music is J-Pop and J-Rock.
94~Zega does not like American music.
95~VietNamese rulez.
96~Zega does not post anime on YouTube, since that makes the anime company lose money.
97~Zega does not believe in using others' characters for himself.
98~The most important rules out of the 97 above are rules numbers 2, 8, 9, 15, 30, 44, 45, 46, 56, 62, 66, 76, 84, and 92.
99~Zega thinks spammers should go get laid.
100~Zega is a master at clarinet.
101~Do not confuse Zega with other Asian people.
102~Unlike most other Asian people, Zega was actually born in Asia, and has lived there for six years.
103~If you have a problem with Zega, kindly tell it to him and he shall try to settle something. And then maybe he will befriend you afterwards. Lucky you.
104~"I know I'm not the greatest. I never said I was the greatest."
105~If you do not know Zega, then you don't have enough information to say anything about him.
106~You are always welcome to compliment him, however.
107~Don't pick a flamewar with Zega unless you can fight face-to-face.
108~Since this is the internet, it is not possible to fight face-to-face.
109~Therefore, don't pick a flamewar with Zega.
110~If you pick a flamewar with Zega, he will win by default.
111~He will win by default because unlike you, he simply doesn't give a crap. [Please refer to rule 60 and 62]
112~Zega is so awesome, he has his own Hell and Heaven.
113~The key to his Heaven is locked in his Hell.
114~Zega's Heaven contains many things, including anime, manga, hentai, hot girls, mechas, and much, much more.
115~Zega's Heaven is Asia itself, only it takes place in his mind and he controls whatever happens inside.
116~Zega's Hell is a dimension of sheer torment and only Zega can survive in it.
117~The Lawlz of Zega is copyrighted to and only to Zega. He will only display it to his friends. If you do not know Zega, then please kindly kill that person who gave this to you. [Refer to post-message above]
118~Zega, his friends, and his girlfriend are STILL more awesomer than you.
119~Zega has a weapon known as the Heavy Goldion Legendary Buster Gun.
120~Zega's gun can kill anyone.
121~Zega's gun can send people to Zega's Hell.
122~Nothing escapes from Zega's Hell, except Zega himself.
123~Zega has his own made up attack.
124~His attack is called "Shishi Hell and Heaven."
125~If you do not know what "Shishi Hell and Heaven is based off of, then you seriously need to go watch more mecha anime. [Hint: The "Shishi" part means "Lion." The Hell and Heaven part is what you should know.]
126~Zega also has another weapon known as the Nova Launcher.
127~The Nova Launcher is an upgraded version of the Heavy Goldion Legendary Buster Gun.
128~The Nova launcher allows Zega to unleash his strongest attack: The Divine Big Bang.
129~All of the listed weapons and attacks above are all copyrighted to Zega.
130~Anyone who copies from Zega shall be banished to Zega's Hell.
131~Most of the attacks and weapons above will be in Zega's anime.
132~Zega is currently playing Ryuusei no RockMan 2.
133~Zega is still very, very, very Asian.
134~Zega will be returning to Asia in summer 2010.
135~In case you're still wondering, Zega was born in Vietnam.
136~You cannot win in an arguement against Zega.
137~Zega only found spare time to make the original 100 laws when he had a broken leg.
138~If you have spent your time reading these rules, then consider yourself totally retarded with nothing better to do than to read some random guy's list of rules that he made up in his spare time. The only exceptions are Zega's friends and girlfriend.