My name is Yami, and well..I'm not the most ordinary. I don't know my true origin, and was brought up..with my own blood and sweat. Then again, in a way I am grateful. If it wasn't for my parents, I wouldn't have learned to take care of myself. I'm strong.

About a year ago, I found out I was an guardian angel (Hogosha Sentintal-to Apakoh)..it was a shocker..then again, it made some sense. My energy and purity levels are haywire..and it was always odd. I was known as a child prodigy for my abilities to control magic. I was taught as a kid. As I grew up, my skills made me the Sage I am today. I specialize in any type of white or black magic, and create my own spells.

I hadn't had much of a family or friends, ever in my life. Until I found myself at The Lunar Hope. Now, years later...I am surrounded by people I can call a family. I love them all, and would gladly give my life away for any of them.

I'm rather shy, but sweet at heart. I'm tiny, standing at only 5'3" and weighing roughly around 110 lbs. But, don't underestimate me...my powers are strong, as I am.