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It's about bloody time I updated this bloody thing, isn't it? Here we go.

The name is Max. I'm only giving you my first name because gods know someone out there will try to stalk me. Not that it's really that hard to find my full name, but that doesn't matter. I'm known as Yamazaki Yoshio throughout the internet, although I occasionally appear as Locke Alexander and Riot The Storm.

I am an avid role-player, although my skills aren't quite as good as they once were ******** awesome again. A few years of college and moping about will dull any unused skill. I'm also a former hardcore gamer. Having a life kinda detracts from being a hardcore gamer, ya know? I currently used to run a steam-punk fantasy campaign using BESM on some forums I will not link to because I'm quite happy with my current players.

I am a Pathfinder GM, although not a particularly good one (but my players seem to think somewhat otherwise). My current campaign is called the Shatter Spire, which is basically a Diablo-inspired dungeon crawler, to suit the tastes of my players. I'm currently running the Shattered Star module path from Pathfinder.

I'm also an artist, although not that great of one. I'd blame school for my lack of practice, because I'm not in classes at the moment. For some reason I do my best drawing while at school. I'm sure you can guess, but yes, I do draw in an anime style, and no, I'm not going to try for something more realistic. I'm quite happy with my style, thank you very much.

I'm an aspiring Computer Graphics Designer. And I don't mean website design. No, we're talking actual 3D modeling here. My senior project was to make a forklift safety game. Currently between major projects, as being out of school has made me a little on the moody side.

On a similar note, I am an anime and manga fan, but that's not that surprising around here, now is it? I do enjoy a good series, like Gurren Lagann. And the occasional visual novel, like Tsukihime and Fate/stay Night.

And before all you girly-types even ask, I'm taken and very much married now. I even have a 8-bit heart tattoo to prove it. And the wedding ring.

That should be enough for now. Until then, later.


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Welcome to Yamazaki_Yoshio's RPG Journal. Here I shall post about my RP misadventures in Gaia. Unlike my campaign settings and GMing adventures, which goes in my actual blog.


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