Best friends can't be inseparable even when they're apart.

Happily married to Roxas Overdrive since 8/13/11.

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| Sarcastic | Pyro | Lazy |

The names Axel, got it memorized? Number 8 of the Organization 13 and the Pyro~
I'm a fairly lazy guy, so don't expect me to do any of the hard missions, got it? If you do have one, go ask one of the others because I will not go out of my way to do it unless I think it's important and will benifit me.
Oh; if Isa says anything about me, don't listen to him kay? Huh? Who's Isa? Oh- right, you all don't know him like I do. He goes by Saix now, but... don't call him Isa alright? Kinda thing I do... It's erm- special... from the past. Don't question it, just don't do it alright?

Oh, if you see Roxas... tell him to come back or come report to me, I'll get him back... beside...He made me feel... like I had a heart...

I can't afford to lose anyone close to me again... Not again....

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