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Ferles Report | 07/29/2010 5:17 pm
Alright! Thanks!
Ferles Report | 07/29/2010 4:32 pm
Hello! I'm new to the rp, just sayin' hello. Name's Ferles, how're you? X3

I already talked to Asahi, but I saw you two were already roleplaying, so I guess I'll just make up my own posts until someone else joins in.
XxSapphireNekoxX Report | 12/19/2009 9:45 am
Merry Christmas!
XxSapphireNekoxX Report | 11/10/2009 5:01 am

Oh okie dokie well if you do have time you know where I'll be ^_^
And ohh..damn. Well that sucks for me.
Oh well. This week sucks except for the fact harvest moon came out.
XxSapphireNekoxX Report | 11/10/2009 4:56 am

Ohh lucky you ^_^ Hey if you want to you can come to my house before or afterwards so you can see the game. My dad is buying it on his way home So EHHHHHHH (that was a fan girl squeal). And ohh that means me too! Cause I eat with Erika too! YAy!
XxSapphireNekoxX Report | 11/09/2009 8:24 pm
Look at me~
I am different nows~
XxSapphireNekoxX Report | 09/28/2009 1:33 pm
You have been invited to join the Chiharu Manor , please come and join us.
bigsis-littlesis Report | 08/21/2009 2:01 am
hey True!! how are you sorry I havn't been on it's been murder!!
Exile Grim Reaper Report | 07/03/2009 6:58 pm
Exile Grim Reaper
imma zombie boy
Schizophallic Report | 06/26/2009 10:15 am
-hugs- Yay somebody cares! So my idea has to go down today I dont have much time till my dad gets home were going to galveston.And unless his laptop is back from the shop I wont be able to get on cuz this is my sisters.Now my idea involves Amaya so if you want ill pm you my idea add lots of drama razz


Name: wouldn't you like to know
Birthday: April 7
Age: you never ask a woman her age
Sign: Aries
Hair: I'm the blondest of them all
Eyes: change with my mood somewhat
Loves: Night, moon, swimming, water, sweets (food in general) laughing, writing, getting dirty, whims, sleeping, daydreaming, rebeling, rain, stars(the ones in the sky) music, karma, sarcasim, and last, but never least family and friends (this includes animals)
Dislikes: spelling, fitting in, being sad, not being able to help, pushy/rude people, fat-free (or any food imposter), real life criminals, ghosts, people who judge, bad stuff in general, waking up early, doing nothing, being not able to communicate
Goals: Learn ASL and use it in my life, graduate college, become a nurse, impact lives for the best, and be apart of my little sister's life, enjoy the small things in life, stay in touch with family and friends, publish a book (of course there is more, but I think these are the most important)
Music: Favorite is Country hands down and then everything from dance to classical follows next. right now though I'm currently mystified by K-pop
TV: Reruns
Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Bakuman, Faster than a kiss and much more (I've got a whole section in my favorites devoted to manga)
Movies: anything that can keep my attention MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE IS: THE LOSERS !!!!

I'm complicated and so simple all at the same time. There is too much to list and things that not every one needs to know.


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