{EMPIRE BOYS} Ultimate bias: Moon JunYoung ; [Fangirl.][ZE:A's][ZE:A STYLE]

OTP ;; MoonWoo ♥
OT3 ;; 2JunWoo ♥

I'm 100% Fangirl, Otaku, Asian Crazed.

Ultimate JPOP Bias: {NewS} Koyama Keiichiro
Ultimate KPOP Bias: {ZE:A (Empire Of Children)} Moon JunYoung
Ultimate CPOP Bias: {Lollipop F} Wang Zi
Overall Ultimate Bias In My Heart: Moon JunYoung

JPOP Biases: {NewS: "Baby! Be My Baby!"} Ryo Nishikido, YamaPi, Takahisa Masuda, Shigeaki Kato, Yuya Tegoshi, Hiroki Uchi, Hironori Kusano || {VOCALOID: "Just Be Friends!"} Len, Kaito

KPOP Biases: {ZE:A (Empire Of Children): "Here I Am! Here I Am!"} Kevin Kim, Hwang KwangHee, Im SiWan, Ha MinWoo, Park HyungShik, Kim TaeHeon, Jung HeeCheol, Kim DongJun || {BOYFRIEND: "Would You Be My Girlfriend?"} Jo KwangMin, Jo YoungMin, Kim DongHyun, Hyun Seong, Lee JeongMin, No MinWoo || {Big Bang: "Finally, I Realized That I'm Nothing Without You I Was So Wrong. FORGIVE ME"} G-Dragon, TaeYang, T.O.P., Seungri, Deasung || {B2ST (BEAST): "Beautiful My Girl!"} Yoon Doojoon, Son Dong Woon, Lee Gi Kwang, Yong Junhyung, Yang Yoseob, Jang Hyunseung ||

CPOP Biases: {Lollipop F: "Chang Kai Xin Xiongqu Zhui Xun Kuai Yue De Chu Kou"} Xiao Jie, Ah Wei || {Jason: "Say That You Love Me"} Jason ||

I don't speak Tagalog and Japanese very well, but I can understand both. I won't be a very good translator though. I guess it's just instinct? I don't know. I'm an awkward child. Right now, I'm learning Illongo and Korean. I want to learn many languages in the future so that it can help me when I travel around Asia~

I was in the anime stage when I was in 6th grade. The asian drama stage in 7th grade. The manga stage in 8th grade. Now, I'm a freshman, and I watch/read all 3! I even fangirl on my bands! Now let me guess, I have no life? At least I can live life doing the things I want to do and enjoy the most. Can you even do that? I'm so blessed to have my life. Not in debt, not poor, have food, have friends and family. Now tell me I don't have a life. I'm pretty sure karma will get to you and well, yea, not going to say. I may be a bit blunt when you meet me. Or Shy. Whichever. If you get on my bad side, there's a chance you won't enjoy life for a week. Or More. Who knows? Okay, I'm going to stop. Sounds like a threat. But it's not.

I make fanfics! Smut, with plot. Max. 30 chaps.
Mostly ZE:A though. Problem?
I even have a ZE:A blog.

And my main blog;; growingtofindamiracle.tumblr.com

So far, I'm KPop Crazed, so...
ZE:A } Moon JunYoung
Big Bang } Kwon JiYong
DBSK } Hero JaeJoong
BEAST/B2ST } Yoon DooJoon
C.N.Blue } Jung YongHwa
F.T.Island } Choi JoonHoon
U-Kiss } Lee Ki Seop
SHINee } Kim JongHyun
INFINITE } Nam WooHyun
Teen Top } Ahn Daniel
SS501 } Kim HyunJoong
Block B } Kim YuKwon
MBLAQ } Bang CheolYong
TRAX } Kim Jay
B1A4 } Jung JinYoung
Dalmation } Jang Intae
2AM/2PM } Hwang ChangSun
SUJU } Lee EunHyuk
F.Cuz } Kim JinChul
The Boss } Lee SuHoon
Supernova } Jung Yunhak
1TYM } Oh JinHwan

*May Change ;; In Order From First - Last

I still don't have my Female list yet.





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Report | 11/02/2010 2:42 pm


Oh hey your right o ,o Pretty
Eating Hipsters

Report | 09/05/2010 11:21 pm

Eating Hipsters

- LOL. I should have told you D:

my bad
Eating Hipsters

Report | 09/05/2010 10:46 pm

Eating Hipsters

- yes ma'am
i followed you.

Report | 04/06/2010 2:15 pm


Lawlzz~~ Yuu know.. the Game we were playing where you STOLE MY MAN from mee ~~ 3nodding Yeah and then i talked to you and then we turned into enemies cause i found out my man was CHEATING ON ME WITH YUU.... that one~ lawlzzz~~~ XD nneehh~ That's where i got the human rabiezz from DX lawlz~

Report | 04/03/2010 8:52 pm


lol.. Grave? Oh btw.. How'd the game go?
heart lol U R Human Rabiezz XD smile 3nodding

Report | 04/03/2010 8:29 pm


duuudddeee.. Wtf?
Discrimination towards Fat People XD lol
They are their own race.. but im not racist toward them.. i like to watch them jiggle when they move though.. it's hilarious =^.^=
heart 3nodding

Report | 04/01/2010 4:20 pm


It makes people fat and gives them babiez XD that's what's wrong with it XD

Report | 03/31/2010 3:40 pm


O.o oh my.. it seems you've had a child.. r u listening 2 muusic that has an exsessive amount of cursing? XD lolz

Report | 03/31/2010 3:32 pm


aaawwww sad I rlly wanted one too XD

Report | 03/31/2010 3:19 pm


lolz XD epic! I would loove to have one of thoooosseee XZD pick one upp fro mee XD


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