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Alec aKa Teddy

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Last Login: 11/24/2010 10:28 pm

Registered: 08/13/2006

Location: Greenfield/Salinas, CA

Birthday: 11/09/1993

Occupation: highschool student

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About me b***h!

Well Hello there ^.^
i haven't used this account in a really long time and hey what do you know i'd like to start using it again heart
Senior in HIghschool which means that i'll probably have a lot of time on my hands this year at least i hope so. whee
I'm a member of Dollars if you don't know what that is then i suggest you google it or something. razz
Well that's all for now cause i have a lot to change on here -_-

Please i'll love you forever!

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Jurassic Parkour Report | 02/23/2008 3:48 pm
have you read the sequel?

ah.yep...what's your sn?
Jurassic Parkour Report | 02/20/2008 5:38 pm
fjdslk.hells yes.

ohsnapp.I've read The Sight <3

&&you have vf??
Shanir Report | 08/21/2007 3:42 pm
HI!! good what about you? User Image User Image
Funkypunkyrockerchick Report | 08/09/2007 11:18 pm
hey, your pro rocks! User Image
Kazue-Hime Report | 08/05/2007 1:53 pm
=/ The link doesn't work. OH WELL. Try this link.
Kazue-Hime Report | 08/05/2007 1:47 pm
LAWL. Natsuki! You just HAVE TO read the Twilight series. O___O It's about vampires and *coughromancecough* The third sequel is coming out the 7th!!! *___* GET IT~

Here's a very brief info. CLICK ME.
Mokushi Report | 08/02/2007 11:45 am
Thank you,

and I absolutely love your signature. I love Alex Evans. <3
Kazue-Hime Report | 07/23/2007 7:55 pm
Kremlin Dusk Natsuki?? Utada Hikaru huh??? Want the entire album?? 8DDD I can give you my entire Utada Hikaru collection. xDD
Kazue-Hime Report | 07/23/2007 11:07 am
NUUUU~ I don't want to go to school!!! ;___; But thanks for liking my profile. It's BoA. Heheheheh...I need to make you one Natsuki!!!
Kazue-Hime Report | 07/22/2007 12:24 pm
OMG..This is so cute!! Check it out Natsuki!! D:



Unable to identify Vimeo video URL.

HA!Love me or hate me Bitches!!