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This avi art was done by xXChazdyXx heart , good drawing a? XD

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This is done by adie05 , mini size of me 8D

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This was art that was done by me for myself

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This was an animated gif done by Luke matic-e

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Avi art from crappy ms paint chibi art

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This one is by Kabichus

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This one is by Waldbrand <3

:P I just had to put this one up :D this is by Sizerly :]

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right click> view image to get the bigger size of it :]


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vertgreen4 Report | 11/04/2016 6:40 am
ninja mrgreen
ancantsia Report | 08/12/2016 7:35 am
*Waves catnip mousie*

I saw you online 3nodding

ancantsia Report | 04/27/2016 8:09 am
Not really questing for anything - just hoarding items and gold xd
koromyst Report | 04/26/2016 10:00 pm
Guess you'll have to watch the market to see when the listed prices will get back to 600k ++. The MP is pretty much unpredictable xD

I love using Firefox (O3O) I dunno. Maybe because Chrome loads so slow for me. And I keep getting runtime errors whenever I tried playing LK in Chrome xD Never tried fusion there though. Probably will try later on =D
koromyst Report | 04/24/2016 9:54 pm
Why would anyone get body pillows? (T3T) Okay, maybe to show off their love towards their favourite NPCs but still... Even Becky is holding a pillow of Edmund ( > 3 > )... I don't think they've updated the shop much. Last time I checked were some musical instruments, I think? (OvO''') Anyhuuu~... I guess it's okay that tickets are still in demand (OwO) At least, you get to make profit out of them.

I just hit lvl4 in alchemy crafting KO Tsunami shirts. Lol xD The Shadow and Bleached ones were quite in demand. But then once I hit Lvl4, crafting the shirts didn't give out EXP anymore. Bummer... I have to move on to Lvl3 or Lvl4 formulas now (TAT) Not sure which is worth crafting for yet. Would like to try GoFusion but the feature always freezes on me (T3T) You're supposed to able to fuse stuffs when you click on the blue arrow but it wouldn't allow me to do so. So I gave up and ignored GoFusion altogether despite regularly collecting free charms from DC and events xD
ancantsia Report | 04/24/2016 5:36 am
Well for one I cant use GaiArch anymore ( Nuuu my awesome post styles crying )
Geemoji is just another useless piece of junk
The sheer ammount of RIGs, Cash Generators and Gaia cash sales is just ridiculous
The ammount of ASTRA items which are either a) useless, b) ugly, c) waaay to expensive for one pose or d) all of the previous choices xd
GoFusion is meh
Alchemy is also meh bording on wtf why do we need this crap since it was mostly good for Zomg which they took away
Zomg was the best game on here ( Lake Kindred is kinda meh ) and they took it away.
People are just not the same, if there "questing" for an item basically they want someone to give it to them for free or give them a HUGE donation towards it not like back when 1k was considered an epic ammount to give to newbies questing.
1-harmony-1 Report | 04/24/2016 2:49 am
Good. Better now that I have you back here. You're my top gal. 4laugh
1-harmony-1 Report | 04/24/2016 2:45 am
Hey Sweetkitty heart
ancantsia Report | 04/24/2016 12:24 am
Hmm some of them yay but mostly nay 3nodding
ancantsia Report | 04/23/2016 12:32 am
Hiya cat_smile

I've been good thanks - how about you hun?

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