Hmmmm about me......
* I'm Tayler, Aka Tay, Smalls and others names
*im 19
* In the real world working what feels like all day ery day
* Pretty easy to get along with just stay on my good side and we'll have no problems wink
* I absolutely love soccer!!
*Pokemon is my jam<3
* I live for making people laugh, cuz it also makes me laugh when they do<3
* I love my Life (no depressing stuff here)
* and omg do i LOVE music, i dont think you can ever catch me not listening to music when Im in my room, I'll pretty much listen to anything, but not so much of country, sorry to all the country people out there, Im a country girl by heart just not by soul
* I hate people that are just on this earth to bring people down, so please if you're one of those people, you need to go take a happy pill then come talk to me emotion_yatta
* Anything else you wanna know just pm me ^.^
~Me Myself and I~

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~Live, Love, Play Soccer~