This Is Meee<3

Name: Selena heart
Birthday: October 20th
Siblings: 1 sister 1 brother
Race: mixed with white and black
Music taste: hip hop, rap, etc<3
Favorite singers/rappers: Lil wayne, drake ,dubstep, etc. I absolutely LOVE one direction <3
Favorite Tv show: I Love Lucy, Rob derdek fantasy factory, ridiulousness, jersey shore Etc.
Favorite Color: pink<3
State i live in: Kansas
Relationship status: single
Im Selena as you probably already read most of it up there well my brothers name is bryon he does not have a Gaia my sisters name is Ann and she does have a gaia. Im pretty all over the place on here ill be mostly in Towns And Rally<3 I do love to swim during the summer and during the winter i like to just go out and enjoy the snow or just stay inside. I do sing and im pretty good even though my sister and my family can get annoyed with me when i sing randomly i sing in the shower lol<33 Me and my brother are close when were not together lol. my favorite animal is panda well theres more. I am obssesed with one direction mostly harry styles. as you can see my background heart heart heart Well i guess thats it anyhthing else you wanna know Message me or comment!!<33 See ya!