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Birthday: 05/21/1992

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CALL ME!!! jk! xP

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Stuff I'm wearing ;D

Things i dont really need but want :3



"If living is as bad as this, life just isn't worth it."

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From day one I talked about getting out
But not forgetting about
How my worst fears are letting out
He said why put a new address
On the same old loneliness
When breathing just passes the time
Until we all just get old and die
Now talking's just a waste of breath
And living's just a waste of death
And why put a new address
On the same old loneliness
And this is you and me
And me and you
Until we've got nothing left

Okay so this is a picture of from like 2 years ago I think, I haven't changed that much though so it still counts. 3nodding

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Okay so for those of you who are interested, I am sixteen years old and I live in Texas with my mommy. Anyways, I have two dogs one pomeranian named Coco and a black lab named Simon, and one kitty named Lexter heart My favorite color is purple and I also reall like green. Some of my favorite bands to listen to are Fall Out Boy (#1 whee ), Jonas Brothers, Sentenced, Linkin Park, Papa Roach, Daft Punk, Miley Cyrus (Don't judge me! >.< wink , ummm Red, EMINEM!!!!, Metro Station, Tenacious D, Thr Fray,The Medic Droid, Blood On The Dance Floor, Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, The Vitamin String Quartet, and uhhh let's see, Ilike Skillet, and I can't forget My Chemical Romance of course mad P:, and Paramore. There's lots more I just can't think of them right now D; Okay weeeal my fav animal is a tiger, their so coote and cuddly...before they eat joo x3 and I like dogs too I LOOOOVVEEE DOGS ...and WOLVES!!! heart Okay so, I like friends so don't be shy, say hi 3nodding and I'm sorreh D: I'm taken by Three awthome people ^-^ and if you didn't figure it by now I am gay and the word..well, I don't really like saying it myself, I dislike the word "f**" very much it's really offensive if you use to put someone down. So please, be nice and don't say that around me, I'd really appreciate it. While we're on the topic of things I dilike I might as well, rap...I don't like it too much, not really a fan. I really hate it when someone has to be as mean as possible to other people just because they don't see things the same way as they do, I mean seriously, everyone has rights to their own opinions. I hate it when people has to fight, I'm a pacifist so please don't prevoke me. Oh mah goodness o.o this is a long paragraph here, so I'll finish up quick..and if you're reading this I give joo a cookie mrgreen Okay if you have any questions ask me, don't be stranger! xD See y'all later!
Oh and one more thing PETE WENTZ IS ********' SEXY!!!!!!!User Image

Mah Journal, the safest place to stalk me without me knowing :3

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Me...Only Updated ;D

Ummm just some things I may feel like adding, but I must warn you im not the type to say "what happened to me today" ummm only if it's really good though :3

You're Crashing, But You're No Wave


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misha02 Report | 02/21/2010 4:07 pm
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greendy01 Report | 05/21/2009 3:17 pm
Happy Birthday!!! =D have a nice day and bring me a piece of cake! XD

so how was it??? ^^
Sekkun Report | 05/18/2009 8:38 pm
JAKIE *tackle glomps* OMFG WHAT THE ******** IS UP
Simon The Space Cat Report | 03/06/2009 5:46 pm
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ewwwww LOL XD
Zunae Report | 03/03/2009 7:48 pm
xXxTaylor_Swift_ROCKzxXx Report | 02/28/2009 8:45 am
-huggles - Your so cute x3.
Simon The Space Cat Report | 02/27/2009 5:28 pm
naww only kisame can do dat x3
Simon The Space Cat Report | 02/26/2009 8:09 pm
Dx why Jacob...why do you have to be so mean? *gives hug but pulls out a chain saw and kills you* ^^ have fun with mommy in hell. LOL! to much friday the 13th.
Simon The Space Cat Report | 02/24/2009 8:47 pm
-beats you wiff mah plunger of doom- hmm y-you this taco, hm yeah do yah? TOO BAD -throws it on the ground- Yeahhh u better cry emo boy!!! >3 LOL xD
xXxTaylor_Swift_ROCKzxXx Report | 02/16/2009 10:06 pm


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Mah stalkers ;3