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delilah723 Report | 12/25/2012 2:07 am
merry christmas biggrin
Miss Gracious Report | 10/31/2012 3:32 am
Miss Gracious
hallu 3nodding
u like unicorns too? blaugh
delilah723 Report | 07/05/2011 10:25 pm
lol a slobber bath sounds sticky XD Aw...yay smile And then after you get eaten we can have a house warming party razz Dont forget to make the doggy eat a lamp razz You know this giant dog reminds me of Clifford...wonder if he ever ate anyone whee lol my dog doesnt go that far to get food, just sit there and wait for you to give him something or wait for something to fall. My friend's cat meows when it's hungry and stares and it's bowl. My neighbor's kitty meows too and if your eating chips, it sticks it's little head in and pulls out a chip smile Cool smile My neighbor's kitty does that too went he's eating something...i think that kitty is always hungry lol whee That reminds me of the little kitty I saw in the bushes by kept meowing and me and my friend tried to get it, but it kept running away...and then the bus came sad Hope it's alright... I dont think it would make the dog's made out of the same things, i think...I think we fed our dogs cat food before because we couldnt find dog food at the liquor store xp Cool smile I want a little white lab mouse...I think it would be cute smile Aw...why dont you like him?
delilah723 Report | 06/26/2011 4:57 am
thanks biggrin That way I wont die xp lol yeah, but then you would need a bath from all of the slobber whee lol ok well if I get eaten be sure to feed the dog a tv and a bed razz My doggy loves much that he follows you around when you eat XD Oh my friend's cat bites me and scratches me, but that how it plays...very violent 3nodding I still can't figure out why my other friend's cat bites...tries to bite me seems random. Oh I always thought I was a dog person, but now I think I'm more of a cat person...I wanna feed stray cats, but everytime I get close to them, they run away, and now I'm stuck with a can of cat food in my room with no cat to give it to confused Oh lol where did you find a rat? My father's day was ok...but i didn't get to see my dad. He lives in Northern California and I like in Southern California. How was yours?
delilah723 Report | 06/17/2011 2:12 am
Nope I never learned to swim sad But yay if you can catch me, I won't die biggrin If the dog caught me, I would still get wet from the slobber xp And what if he accidentally ate me O.o lol
Dogs are cute biggrin But sometimes they look all nice and cute, but when you get closer they just want to eat you confused I remember when I went to the animal shelter, I was petting a dog and it let me. It was like a small cute dog, but I had to leave so I reached to pet it again and say goodbye and the dog bit me crying Mean doggy.
Aw sad We should both find Up and Can of Worms so we can watch it biggrin
delilah723 Report | 06/13/2011 10:37 pm
lol his massive drool could drown the whole city razz and I don't know how to swim surprised I better not fall off lol I've only seen the beginning of up and I don't remember Can of Worms well. It's an old Disney movie
delilah723 Report | 06/07/2011 5:29 pm
lol I just remembered...the talking collar thing came from the Disney movie "Can of Worm" The alien dog had a collar that made it talk. Have you ever seen it? lol perverted dog xd That would be least you would know where he goes at night razz lol a giant alien dog might be scary. It might step on you and crush >.<
delilah723 Report | 06/07/2011 7:12 am
lol that's a good point, what if we somehow made talking collars somehow?? Would we? lol if we did, i bet the thing they would say would be really cute biggrin like "master, i love you" and then they like you :3 4laugh so cute. Cool I've never heard of that biggrin Sounds cool biggrin What does it do exactly? Monitor what the dog is doing and put it on twitter? lol alien dogs? or aliens in general? XD
delilah723 Report | 06/05/2011 2:02 pm
lol that would be cute biggrin I want a talking dog now razz lol alien Godzilla in a space ship? Hmmm...ifit was that big, that would have to be a huge spaceship razz
delilah723 Report | 06/02/2011 10:34 pm
lol yeah...wonder if they'll be talking to you and then all of a sudden theyre like "Squirrel!!!" XD Oh I bet it would be funny to watch them chase the laser pointer around XD They'll be like "Where's it go? surprised Oh there it is scream Did you see that? eek " lol XD Hmmm...true...them the world would panic and they would think aliens would attack razz

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