Hey what's up?

Do you like Roleplaying? I know i do, and I guess Im literate, im not sure because, well...Im just not sure, I can do any kind of RP

Human/Human (obvious)
Etc/Etc (?????)

Naw im just kidding about the etc part, but i tell you, sometimes im not literate if you dont have much information about the RP...
Just PM me about what kind of RP you like and maybe we can cooperate....(NOTE: Read my journal first if you have ideas, you can comment on it)

Ahhh Music... I practically like any kind...except country you know? but i prefer some of them...

I have a Ps2 and i have tons of games, when bored, I always play Guitar Hero 2(gonna buy all of the series when i get money)

And Gaia...Gaia IS Practically my life, meeting people, getting friends, meh...

Sports!!!!!!!!I like playing....

Going outside
Fishing (sometimes)
Well, Just playing catch would be good i guess..

Manga, well i kinda read some like...

Prince Of Tennis

Shows....Im practically a kid cause i still watch cartoons haha
But i hate being called a kid!! its so annoying i mean, seriously!!

Yayz, MY first sign!!!!

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If i talk and i laugh too hard...It's because I'm trying to forget that I'm sad...

Everyday people ask me "Are you two going out?" And you don't realize how painful it is to reply "No, we're just friends..."

What do you do when the only person who can make you stop crying is the one who made you cry....?

I know you wouldn't tell anyone if i died, for you...

Just how many people would freak out if i said "I love you...."

Pain doesn't hurt, when it's all you've ever felt...

I keep closing my eyes....But i can't block you out....

God, why do i have to be so sad.....????

Silly me, i guess i can't fix everything....

Finally....I just fell in love for the first time....

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Emo...Im sorta....Emo....:P



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copy and paste this into 10 profiles and press f5 to refresh the page you will see a blue giftbox floating around your screen which has a katana

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Dude were you hacked?

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Were you hacked?

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heey! long time no chat! Kyoshi, check out my profile, its new!
Hana no Sakura-chan

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Hana no Sakura-chan

^^ Good. ILY! Miss you! You`re making me go emo! [I`m usually so frickin bubbly it scares people] User Image Love ya! User ImageUser Image
Hana no Sakura-chan

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Hana no Sakura-chan

Ya! ^^ Ily and Im so sorreeee! User Image Nononononononoooo I cant belive it! Im so mean!!! I miss you like hell... I swear Ive been telling everybody about you and how you said [when we met] that hey there delihla is our SONG so I was like OMG he thinks Im pretty and everyne is like omg hes so damn lucky to have a girl like you, when REALLY Im the lucky one. Without you Id be nothing. I love you so much - nothing and no one will EVER change that, got it? ^^
Hana no Sakura-chan

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Hana no Sakura-chan

Aww Im so freaking sorree if I knew I would never have left! User Image But Im here now, and you have no dea how much I want YOU! User Image
XxXKyoshi KoXxX

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XxXKyoshi KoXxX

-hums and beat boxes- User Image

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nice background. I like your video ^_^


My very first sign......Wow.......

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