For all you people that dont know me, Im Krista.
You all were blessed with me on November 3rd.
I love to..
-Hang With Friends
-Listen to Music
-Play Sports
The list goes on..

Random Info:
My nails are always painted unique colors. Im the type of girl who listens to screamo/techno/Rock. I wear skinny jeans also ^.^

Things I Hate:
-Obnoxious People

I love to Roleplay and Im 14 years of age. Comment or Pm anytime even at random cuz im random like that xD Thankies <3

[Im insanly in love with Matt! He is my Edward. // -Twilight]

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Thats meh! ^.^ Yes, I am holding Runts. I got bored. xD


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Blah...blah and guess wat....BLAH!!!

Stuff that is Blah


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Maestro Aullido

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Maestro Aullido

Britfag here. What are runts?
Blood_soldier 6-6-6

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Blood_soldier 6-6-6

hay long time no talk

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Good, then I succeed at something else besides failing! biggrin But sadly, Virgil isn't on so... Time to go to BitTorrent. I gotta make 8 CDs before Tuesday. crying God forbid I have to do something besides play WoW, eat, and watch Comedy Central!... Oh, and I love ya too. Thought ya already knew that because... Well, it's me! It's expected! ninja

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It's a tiny, tiny world... It's a tiny, tiny world...
... And it's ******** 3am... Virgil is keeping me up for music... Boredom pains strike, for the sweet feast of bored souls... God, I need a life!...
So, anyways... -yawn- What's up with the beautiful... Ah, I don't feel like doing the usual comment, because I know you'd expect it. Right? I mean, seriously. That's how I start 85% of all our convos... 'What's up with the beautiful Krista today?'... Well, not tonight! Or this morning! Whatever! Instead, I shall say!... What's up with the - HOLY FLYING GAY DJS, BATMAN! IT'S A ******** FLYING PENGUIN!!!... Ok, I need sleep... Unless, you want me to continue rambling? You do, don't you? This is amusing you, ain't it? The ramblings of a beyond tired dude? You're laughing aren't ya? No? GOOD! And if you are laughing!!!... Then I'm not a COMPLETE failure.


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i havent been on this is god only knows how long.
i miss youuu]: i havent seen you in like a billion years!
GAHH. explain to meh why i CHOOSE to move, ok well dont i kinda know the answer but you need to pop up at my school and save me [[[;
melissa misses krista poo [; <333 erm mhmhmhm.

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... Wow, after being away for a month or two, I'd atleast expect a better layout. I see, as always, I was wrong... xd
Blood_soldier 6-6-6

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Blood_soldier 6-6-6

me either sigh User Image
Blood_soldier 6-6-6

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Blood_soldier 6-6-6

i thought u wanted 2 talk 2 me not make me feel bad
Blood_soldier 6-6-6

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Blood_soldier 6-6-6

no seriusly idk what u talking about i dont remember that i must have drank that day cause i rlly dont remember


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