Yo, tis I the best damn thing you can ever lay eyes on!
That's right! I'm Zane ~w0
I'm generally a cool guy to hang out with, but if you do something that would offend me or a friend of mine I will sooo kick your arse.
SO DUN ******** WITH ME!

As far as relationships: I'm bi, a heartbreaker, and a flirt with all. ;3 heart

My best friends on here are Kris, Stella (cousin in RL), Nick(best friend in RL), and Jobi.We constantly hang out whenever we can that is. And argue about the stupidest things u can ever think of. XD

Other than gaia, my social life is pretty huge. I draw so that makes me an art freak, I played football so that makes me a jock, and I'm part french and part greek...so yet again I'm a Freek. ;P But drop dead sexy either way.
And just so you know, I'm 19 goin on 20 right after my cuz's b-day XD

So anything else, just hit me up on comments and or messages.