Im Miranda
Im 16 as of 6-14
Im in the 11th Grade :3
I like tacos!!
Im hyper most of the time unless
1) im sick
2) im aggravated
3) im just tired...lol
Im a kitty katt =^-~=
I meow.. A LOT! lol (its soo true)
Soo if your allergic to me then--
Im Blonde and i have a lot of Blonde moments
I have Blue eyes, actually one blue eye and one blue eye with a brown dot [so its turning full green lol]
I am very emotional... I tend to cry A lot!
I love my friends they are the best and i know that without them i have no idea where the hell i'd be [prolly be dead from loneliness]
I love gaia, but can get easily frustrated when it comes to the gaia "boyfreinds/girlfriends",
Sorry i just dont believe in that kinda stuff [its just really stupid]
Let's See then i Love mac and Cheese especially when its made by my Best friends!!
I know i'm not the most beautiful and the smartest but i dont care i have fun, Looks don't matter when you die so why does it matter now?