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i adopted a CHIBI!!
name: the undertaker
likes: reaping people, being creepy, and perverted jokes
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alright you guys, gotta get these creative writing juices flowing...kay, i'm...i'm...not a very creative person when it comes to drawing, i'm actually the writer in my group of, weirdos i guess you could say. i can be a pervert sometimes, but it rarely shows anymore. i'm told to be very bright but sometimes i just don't really see it. i do have a morbid sense of humor, kinda bad but at least it's some kind of humor. i'm told that i have a really nice personality, and that i'm very cute and adorable when i blush ^///^ this one guy constantly like so make me blush, and honestly i don't really mind it. he always brings a smile to my face, and sadly i can't really stay mad at him *sighs* i guess it's because i have such a huge schoolgirl crush on him >///< but anyways, i'm not really much of a talker depending on the topic...oh, but i do tend to talk a lot when i'm lost in thought about something that touches deep down inside and affects me to my core. i'm still a little child at heart, love to watch cartoons >w< but i really do enjoy reading romance novels...apparently i'm a hopeless romantic.

um...i guess for a physical description i could say that i have really short jet black hair, big brown eyes, a seriously dark year round tan and i'm 5'5"...i'm not skinny but not too fat >.< i do have a large frame, i'm told i have child baring hips O.o (my hips are wider than my shoulders) so yeah...

anyways, i'm off. and remember kiddos, everyone is a v****a X3

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A_Fuuck_Not_Given Report | 09/18/2013 11:52 am
oh hey, sexy baby, wink
i just created a house on gaia, whee
u should come over sometime for some sexy fun, little girl. 3nodding
i have ice cream and a kiddie pool. heart
u can suck on all the white chocolate u desire and get all wet........and splash around in the pool like a magikarp, all helpless. heart
btw, the people on my sexy wall poster are all of age! ninja
please don't look under my bear rug! ninja
i don't know what the cops have told u about me, but it's not what u think! ninja
i love to hump people in towns. heart

i am a stranger from ur past. ninja
we can troll. heart
u can lure me the sexiest victims. heart
i luv to hump people in towns. heart
i hope to see u soon, sexy baby. heart
xXxAyame SanxXx Report | 03/21/2013 1:14 pm
xXxAyame SanxXx

be jealous you guys X3
stryker_hawke Report | 02/10/2013 5:52 pm
that I love you miss Ayame
stryker_hawke Report | 02/23/2010 6:13 pm
*lightly tickles your sides*

Dream Avis TT^TT



best of friends >.<