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Birthday: 11/17



Hi,I'm Mimori G. Catirio
Nicknames: Mimi,Airii,Yumi & Niku (call me those or whatever u want)
I'm 17 years old and heres my pointless ''about me'' thing.

I'm a good person,nice,sweet,shy,random,epic but i also can be Evil,mean,negative and psycho...
I'm emo and bi...
I like: Candy,random ppl,music,write poems,sing,anime, Dark,FOOD ect
I dislike:drama,bitchy ppl,light ,clowns,close places ect ect...

Im a loner i like been alone sometimes i like been with friends i dont mind at all hang out but i hate stalkers who always there watching me...i hate ppl who change there personality when they r rich or better...and threats ppl like me like white trash.
i love my gaia family i use to have a big one but i kinda lost it be couse i let a perfect guy go...i use to be happy and possitive now i just dont cared really v.v

Warning: Im a Elegant dark evil girl,I Love the rain playing with it or just sitting with my umbrella,I read or write (Dont expect me to be nice i dont get along with strangers and if i do they got lucky.) I dont eat much but i am always hungry...its gets in your mind of wth am i...right? hahahaha...Lovely.

Add me if you want dont add me if you dont like me if you wanna know more feel free to add me...

just dont bring bull s**t too my life.


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How Bout Now Report | 09/10/2013 12:44 am
How Bout Now
It's been so long since you've been on D:
I hope you log back on soon biggrin
The Skarecrow Boondox Report | 08/12/2012 9:45 pm
The Skarecrow Boondox
Mimi.... Where did you go... Pm me please....
Pokkii Report | 06/19/2012 11:11 am
Pokkii Report | 06/19/2012 10:59 am
Why are you talking to me about this?
Why don't you talk to him.
Pokkii Report | 06/19/2012 10:35 am
Sure, I guess.
What of him?
Pokkii Report | 06/19/2012 10:18 am
I don't hate you. I don't hate anyone.
But you called me a b***h.
And that was not okay.
Pokkii Report | 06/19/2012 8:49 am
Why am I on your profile?
Le Isya Report | 06/11/2012 10:38 pm
Le Isya
love chu too ^-^
-I- Mind freak -I- Report | 04/24/2012 5:43 pm
-I- Mind freak -I-
sorry mimi i guess you hate me and im nto going to attempt to make oy uliek me agin casue wtf is the point : i give up on lfie probably gann kill myself so iguess bye forever
-I- Mind freak -I- Report | 04/23/2012 7:02 pm
-I- Mind freak -I-
sorreh mimi really tryign to be nice ot nto piss him off
The Skarecrow Boondox
Puzzled Puppy
Porcelain Vampire Queen
How Bout Now
-I- Mind freak -I-
m3 so thorny
evil_vampire sora
Ihr verdammten Phantasien
Duhh Asiann
Le Isya

Mom and dad <3

My Other new Bff

My Cool BFF Me AND HIM ARE super tightMess with him and i make you wish you where never born -.-''<3

emo doesn't mean you cut. emo doesn't mean your gay. emo doesn't mean your suicidal. emo is real. emo is people. emo is everything. emo is a label. emo is being free. free to be you. free to express. free to tell everyone to f**k off!! emo is just a word. *emo's.. -are not cry babies -do not always wear black -can be very nice -don't always cut them self -are not always depressed -can be happy too -are normal people just like you p.s. we love music [put this on your profile if you agree

My owner <3

My Lazy buddy who i love <3

He takes care of me when jade isnt aroundmy cool friend <3

Max and vic my old friends

EVIL!!!but i love her <3

My Smexii Uncle

Wifi Bff <3

his EVERYTHING xDHis my 1 ownerMy Step brotherMy best friendand my poke war buddy xD

My brothers and sisters

My Aunt/Sis (idk dont ask)

Sam-kunMy Bestes Friend <3