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Who I really am:

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★ My favorite color is rainbow. Just kidding it is actually blue and black. >:0 ★

☆ I have a bad obsession with Rainbows, Hello-Kitty, Cookie Monster, Unicorns, Cupcakes and Anime. ^w^ ☆

☠ I love facial expressions >:3 ☠

♫ Music is my life, my best friend, my happiness, my hope, my problems, my secrets and my everything. @-@ ♫

ღ My favorite animal is a wolf or kitty. >w< I can't choose both so cute. surprised

☯ PLUR ☯

☾ I am a very random, loud, moody, funny, nice, honest, weird, and been told to be an adorable person. smile

♎ Proud to say I am a Libra. !-! ♎

☪ Taken since December 14, 2013 by an amazing boy named Douglas Andrew White. Douglas and I have actually a lot in common, we both like anime, both try to make each other smile and we even both have the same favorite color. Douglas graduated high school for the class of 2014 on May 20, 2014 and I have never been more proud of anyone. I look up to Douglas and honestly I love him. ☪

♪ I like to type with alt key symbols. >///< THERE SO CUTE! ♪

❦ Rawr~ Means I love you in dinosaur language. ^-^ ❦
♐ To be honest if I didn't have the support from my family, my gaia family, my friends, my best friends, my close friends and my boyfriend I am not completely sure I would still be here. However I am here today and I just wanted to take this moment to thank everyone who has been there for me. biggrin

✌ My friends call me a Buggie Killer, a Kitty and a Anime Freak. $-$ ✌

♨ Coffee, Mountain Dew and Monsters are my energy! @.@ ♨

☣ One day I am shy and then bam! Its like I am a different person. >.> ☣

♋ The anime's I watch are: Elfen Lied, Princess Tutu, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight Guilty, Fruit Basket, Bleach, Inuyasha, Peach Girl, Shuffle, Ouran High-School Host Club and tons more. =] ♋

ಞIf you want to know anything else, ask. I don't bite. ^,.,^ ಞ

Name: Barbara Brooke Dawson

Nicknames: Muso, Mewy, Mew, Tiki, Senna, Tikal, Mew Mew, Barbie, Barb, Lil Barbie, Bunnie, Bunny, Rainbow Skittes DreamZ, BrOKeN RainBowZ and lots more. Will you make me one to? heart

Age: 17 redface

Birthday: October 19 rofl

Lives: In your worst nightmares, somewhere in Arizona. burning_eyes

Best Friend: Goretty Garcia. whee

Relationship Status: Taken ninja

Grade: 12th stare

Life is one of the hardest parts that we go through because we have to live through it and you expect everyone to understand, but, in all reality we have our own demons that fight us and try to bring us down. It takes a moment from our friends, family and loved ones to help us out of it. For those of my friends who are harming themselves, I have been there, I still am partly there but you know I am trying my hardest to make it through this. I will be four months clean on June 15 and I will continue to keep going. I am always here for you, just give me a message and who knows you might see what I see. .

Orientation: Bisexual

Beliefs: Honestly I am still working on this one, my mind is complicated.

Here are a few things to know about me: I am a very shy person at first, but, sadly I will become out going which has managed to scare people/ I am a flirt and it happens a lot. My biggest dream is to become a mother one day, be an author and a singer. I also love photography.

Things I love: I love rainbows, unicorns, monsters, chatting, talking, making friends, love, ice-cream, cookies, horror movies, reading, writing, taking pictures, acting, singing, drawing and cuddling.

Things I don't like: liars, cheats, chocolate, rumors, being yelled at, anxiety, depression, scars, my weight and people who try to bring me down.

I live by this; I am who I am and I gonna stay that way. I not gonna change for no one and I proud of it. I may not be the best looking around but I will have fun. I will laugh and smile and get on with my life, as if drama doesn't effect me. I will put my foot down for what I believe in and keep it going. I am gonna live in the present, not the past, and keep on dreaming about the future.



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yes i agree! do you have kik????

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muso! -huggles- me miss you! i didnt come on in so long either so its ok <3
Xx Smashing Vibrator xX

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Oh oops lol
And ty baby

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well hopefully your mother realizes that her profile is set on private and its impossible to reply to her when its set like that im doing fine though if she reads this
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For some reason he refuses to talk to me
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I miss him every now and then so I ask
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How's your father? I'm glad it did
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Hi honey, mommy missed you smile you are so beautiful
How are you angel?

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mmmmmmmm very interesting but not true good luck trying to kill what you cant see hahahaha smile


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