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Sinful Till I Die on 05/18/2021
Fifty Shades of Corgi on 09/01/2019

xXx_Lizz 15_xXx

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Birthday: 06/30

Lizzy (:

Hello ,
I am Elizabeth . You can call me Lizzy or Lizz .
I will befriend anyone who doesnt have a problem with me (:
If you want to know me or anything about me you can msg me .
Otherwise , I really dont know what to say on this >.<


My Saying

If U Rlly Love Something Then U Have To Be Willing To Let It Go And If It Comes Bak To U Then Its Yours But If It Doesnt Then It Never Was <33


Its Better To Think About The Rainbow At The End Of The Storm Then The Storm Itself...

You Cant BullShit The BullShitter >:)

Talk $hit Get Hit