I'm a cutter....I'm a Goth, most people like to mistake me for an emo kid.....wich is very damned annoying....
I live in a nightmare of depression.
If you want to know anything else just ask..
I am also Bisexual..

I have scytzophrynia,bio-polar,and pyscosis...
Yes I knnow it's horrible.
I have few friends....
I don't like to go anywhere with annoying poeple either...

Scytzing (Where I change personalities, it freaks peole out.)
The color Black!

OH! and If you ******** with me,
let me make this VERY clear for those who are inconsiderate,
I know people,
I have people,
I like these people,
and they WILL help me track you on the computer so I can find your identity,
and if you don't have a computer at home,
then I will steal the records from what computer you where on.
REMEBER, it is not impposible to find anyone on a computer....

I hard core metal, but because of my brother, i like maybe two or three rock bands...

I like to skate (Like skateboards...) with my brother
It is a sideline hobby I share with him...

If you like to RP, please just PM a RP link you would like me to join, or PM me a PMRP (PrivateMessageRolePLay) and I will be glad to gbet back with you.
I am sorta a noob, don't blame me, but if you call me a noob I WILL send you indesgresional Email's and PM's.
Be Literate please...
If you like to txt talk that is okay with me as well....

Although I don't check it much, I have a YIM/Yahoo...
It is :

So Here we go.....
I don't like it when people argue with me about my beliefs so if your just going to argue ******** off...

I smoke,
Marlboro's(I might have spelled that wrong.)
Basic full flavor 100's longs
Classics (When I'm out of money and I beg my friends)
If it's a menthol I'll smoke it too...

I drink:
Vodka(any king is fine with me)
Jack Daniels
Jim Bean
Samual Adams (although i don't like it as much as my friends)
Captain Morgan
Mad Dog 50/50 & Mad Dog 20/20

If you don't like me get over it,
if you like who I am , ******** off.

If you'd PM and really got to know me though,
I'm much sweeter then you think......


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Peoms, Short stories and my life....

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This journal will be for my personal stuff and my regualur stuff,EX: Poems, short stories, long stories....Ect..


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Mercury Silvermoon


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Yes... cool

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hey not much just doing a Naruto RP and you?