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walterundead Report | 04/30/2012 6:45 am
Good luck to you too buddy.
walterundead Report | 04/22/2012 1:09 pm
I'm looking into a psychology degree, either in criminal psychology, or child psychology.
Vanishing Into Report | 04/22/2012 11:23 am
o___o wut
walterundead Report | 04/22/2012 5:19 am
lol i have no complaints. smile Just doing college and stuff.
walterundead Report | 04/19/2012 4:32 am
lol how are you?
Vanishing Into Report | 04/18/2012 6:08 pm
lolololol nuh uh xD unless if you eat too much o_o
Vanishing Into Report | 04/18/2012 6:06 pm
now go eat xD
Vanishing Into Report | 04/18/2012 6:01 pm
thank you so much hermanita <3 youre the best biggrin
Vanishing Into Report | 04/18/2012 5:59 pm
i willl :3

and i will not sell em biggrin (idk about hermes now... I have 2.... equip ALL OF HERMES! biggrin )
Vanishing Into Report | 04/18/2012 5:53 pm
lolololol not all the way though xD you have the starter bra and underwear LOL

back to the noob days xD

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I'm falling in love again <3 I'm erasing those dreadful memories i've been through and creating new memories, those where i can look back and leave a smile on my face User Image

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Well Unfotunately you are now on my profile xp

So you wanna get to know me huh? Alright then! >.<'
Well all i can say is that i'm a considerate chick. I'm currently 16 and i'm bilingual (english & spanish) ;D Awesome huh? Lol, well not to mention, i'm a hyperactive person xD I laugh randomly, trust me. Btw, i'm a metalhead m/ i'd appreciate any recommendations of any kind of metal or even rock <3

My past: Eh ok, back when i was younger my dad was abusive in a way. He'd get pissed off over the smallest things or for no reason at all. I had phobia of my own father...no child should fear their parent but instead love them. Well it wasn't like that for me. He use to pick me up and throw me against the wall in my room onto my bed. He use to always cuss at me and call me ugly words. I remember...when my mother was pregnant...my dad never helped my mother. She didn't have a car to go in so she had to suffer with me going always on metro and walking while being pregnant and on the other hand, my dad was ********' happy in his car. He was such a heartless cold person....as of today i don't forgive him for treating my mother like a stray animal who gave birth to 3 children: Me, Luis (brother), and Sului (sister).
You know how kids usually run up to their dad and hug them and say "i love you" when they come back from work? Didn't happen with me, i literally ran to my room and hid under my bed, that's how much i feared him, i just couldn't see him.
One day my mom straightened herself up and stopped obeying my father. It was one of our life changing moments. Since my mom wouldn't obey my father anymore, he turned to me and started to use me but my mom didn't allow it so she threatens to call the police and that's when he calmed down and since then he stopped being an a**. Today, he's a much better person, or so it seems.

So my viewpoint upon love ;3
We all at some point have a crush, can't deny, and as for me i've had many but they were all a fake. Fake because later on i realized they weren't worth it. In middle school, i had dealt with so much drama with my so called crushes that i couldn't take it anymore. They knew i liked them and yet they kept picking on me, always. Lucky for me, some friends helped me not to feel depressed over a couple of guys whom i use to like. I've got over them thankfully, but on this unforgetable day, a 'speacial', humorous, kind-hearted, respectful, witty, trustworthy, good looking, astonishing guy, has intertwined his heart with mine. I won't mention his name but his initials are "Dennis Campos" x3 haha.
Eres mi primer novio y no hay ni un dia que no pienso de ti, siempre pienso de ti. Me robaste mi corazon <3 y hasta este dia... "I thank God i met you." Te amo muchisimo que no se que hiciera sin ti x'[ A mi no me importa si tus padres o mis padres no aceptan nuestra relacion, no tienen porque meter en lo que no es de ellos si no de nosotros dos. Me he divertido much contigo and espero divertirme mas contigo en el futuro ojala. NUNCA te olvides cuanto te amo, ACUERDATE que te amo this much <(>.< wink > my love will never die for you too.
I love you so ********' much Dennis <3 -Esperanza~ 3/24/09
I dislike colorful things using light colors, for some reason it disgusts me. stare I like dark colors better twisted and as for mother nature the best weather for me is rain >;D
Out of the sun and moon, i'd pick the moon. I always say:
The sun is my enemy and the Moon is my friend.
Now for the Music!
Well i like a variety of genres except for country and opera but
the ones i mainly listen to are:
All sorts of Metal:
Thrash Metal
Heavy Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Alternative Metal
and much more!

I forgot to mention that i have this addiction for guitar hero. I have it for my Wii console, i happen to have GHWorldTour, GHMetallica, and surprisingly GHSmashHits. Though i must admit, Metallica is freakin' awesome. I'm one of those rare people, i happen to play guitar on lefty, even though i'm right handed. I currently play on "hard" but i can play "expert" depending on the songs. I'm still practicing to get a hold of the hammer-ons and purple notes. On drums, i play normal but what troubles me is the kick pedal, still working on it though xD and i'm not much of a singer, so i hardly use the mic. Anyways, if you have any of these games and want to play me online, just hit me up and ask for my code, thanks ><"

Don't hesitate to know me better just comment me randomly or you can also friend request me.

Your random friend User Image

Here's something i wrote that was in my mind, enjoy =]

I want to eradicate those ******** up times i've been through.
I want to recooperate my lost mind.
I want to accumulate my youthful memories and have it,
treasured forever for the first time.
I want to have an everlasting relationship with you.....
For you to see, i love you more everyday,
more than yesterday,
less than tomorrow.
I remember in the beginning being just friends.
Looking out for each other.
Comforting each other.
I thought you were just another friend.
I was proven wrong, i let my heart intertwine with yours.
I had to forget my previous love and give love another chance.
This time without any doubt.
Here you come, following behind me in the same path.
Dragging me out from this dreadful hallucination of mine.
Ever since i met you, my dreams became reality.
Now we realize that love doesn't consist of gazing at each other,
but looking towards the same direction together.

(>'.')>~<('.'< wink

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If you happen to have any {Unwanted} game items such as tickets, tokens, flowers, bugs, trash, and or ink, then i would greatly appreciate to take them. ^_^

~Help~ <(.-.< wink

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My lovey and I <3

Hahah, we're such retards =D

Why yes, yes this is me x3