Stuff about meh

Meh Favorite Songs: Sally's Song by Amy Lee, Smother Me by The Used, Live Love Die by In Fear and Faith, and a lot of others lol

Meh Favorite Colors: black and blue, and black and purple

Likes: My bestfriends, and meh music, and chocolate ^_^ oooooo and meh hanging out and staying up all night with my friends playing rockband or dance dance revolution lol

Dislikes: DRAMA! meh hate drama sad and labels!

Bestfriends: ummmmm im going to name some of them Jessie, Kollyn, Shelby, Mariah, Angie, Sarah, Bryan, Abner, Travis, Raymond, Kiara, Jaineah...and right now i cant really think well so if i forgot you just PM me and i'll add yew ^_^

Favorite Movies and Shows: D. Gray Man, Deathnote, Elfen Lied, Devil May Cry, South Park, and i cant really name other ones right now