1 word personality

name-naiisha or noodle, nisha
age-yours or mine if mine well old enough to know ;3
status-taken oh so sorry
sex-your disgusting...

q-whats my eye color?
a-brownish Black
q-skin color?
q-how tall are you?
q-how many piercings do you have?
a-about 10 5 piercings on each ear
q-hair color?
a-black and brown with honey highlights
q-do you wear glasses?
q-are you immature?
a-pfft, ya right! OF COURSE WHO ISN'T?!?!?!
q-whats your style?
a-idk, my friends say i have an emo, goth look ehh
q-whats your fav color?
q-are you sane or insane?
a-both,talk about meh and ill kick ya a** like the half black chick i am!
a-im too young O.o
q-do you wear makeup?
a-hell no
q-do you curse and swear
q-pet peeves?
a-people who wont shut the ******** up and obnoxious people
q-cell phone carrier?
a-yahh ;3
a-very timid but outgoing once im used to you! not afraid to hurt someone in a fight and very quiet, yet hyper and loud when in the mood.

blood on the dance-floor addict I know...silent hill addict i know... hoping that life won't turn out as cruel as everyone says...

Please humor me, please soothe me/ Never forget, never forgive/ Lay your head down sleepy child, let my lullaby carry you away/ Let creativity flow freely/ Support what you believe in, even if no one is with you/ I saved my first kiss for him, that was my last kiss I'll ever share/ Please stand with me even through the harsh winding path called destiny/ OoOh you think you know everything!!/ So harmonic so beautiful so fragile.../ I may be a lil heartbreaker but I just break the hearts of people who say they'll find another but end up begging you to come back./

He pLuCkEd A fLoWeR
"he loves me..he loves me not... he loves me.."
He reached the final petal
"He loves me not.."
That same flower regrew it's petals
One more chance to save our love

Deprive me of love
and I'll die from my tears

There's more to this lie then meets the eye

is life's way of saying
"you're fired"
is your way of saying
"I quit"

Just enjoying life I guess... Blood is a drug in the suicide club.I'm pretty artistic you know well you probably don't who cares as long as your here don't let the door slap your a** on your way out!!! Guess I changed a lot here ;3 met meh love and turned emotional depressed O.o Don't stop get it get it last for hours not for minutes

Those gaiaborn under the Spurca constellation know how to enjoy life. What matters most to them is that they're having fun in all that they do. They aren't always the sharpest tools in the shed, but they have a good time in all that they do. Childlike in nature, it's nearly impossible to hold their attention for long periods of time. Many would find this trait annoying, but equally as many find it endearing. They often speak their minds without thinking about other people's feelings, but they're also not the type to deliberately offend. They often bare grudges against people who've belittled them, and they never quit first in an argument.