About China/Yao Wang

Name: People's Republic Of China

Human Name: Yao Wang

Age: 4000 [Immortal]

Birthday: October 10 (original profile), October 1 (Chinese release)

Hair Color: Black (manga), Dark Brown (anime)

Eye Color: Brown/Amber

Height: 169 cm (5' 6.5" wink

I'm China. I'm old but I still kick a**. 'Nuff said.

NOTE: When I'm upset, I tend to get way testy, and may change my Avi alot. So please give me space unless you're a super close friend. Also, I may expand to other countries such as Fem!Russia and Fem!Prussia in the future. Will expand to more countries soon...

One other note...if I or anyone close to me is threatened, I will not hesitate to strike back...