Hi! My name is Eli. My friends call me Eli, my family calls me Eli, and my boss and co-workers call me Eli, but if you think there is a nickname that better suits me, feel free to use them, other people besides the ones listed above have called me; lie-lie, Fancy Pants and Elias.

I love nicknames, though I don't have many, I think a nickname tells a little more about a person. ^_^

I like sunny days, and rainy days.
I like it when things are happy and carefree.
I don't like it when people fight.
I Love Poke'mon.
I Love Harvest moon.
I Love Video Games.
I like it when people say I'm cool.
I like it when people say I'm weird.
I don't like it when people bring up religion.
I don't like most vegetables.
I love Quizno's Subs.
I work at Quizno's.
I Love my sister Nicole.
I hope she loves me too.
I love all the friends I've made on Gaia.
I love all the friends I've made elsewhere.
I hate Greyhound.
I live for photography.
I hate that I don't have a camera.
I love getting paid.
I love it when people compliment me.
I don't think its nice to force religion on to someone.
I don't care if your fake.
I don't care if your real.
I like it when your you.
I don't like it when people dis my grammar.
I don't have the best grammar.
I like using big words.
I don't know how to spell most of the big words I use.
My favorite names for a boy are; Gavin, Xandir, and Jedediah.
My favorite names for a girl are; Olivia, Genaveve, and Bellatrice.
I'm not fat.
I'm not skinny.
I'm not muscular.
I'm not scrawny.
I'm average.
I'm all about peace and love in the universe.
Thats what I believe life is about.
I'm a pasaphist.
I probably spelled that wrong.
I'm just now getting the hang of spelling "Definitely".
I'm a nice person.
I love getting to know anyone and everyone.
I'm not concieted.
I'm not mean.
I can be sarcastic to the point of seeming mean.
I love you.
I probably don't know you.
However I love you just the same.
I like anime.
I do not however, Obsess over anime.
I don't find naruto, or deathnote entertaining.
Thats just my opinion.
My favorite video game is the Kingdom Hearts series.
I love Disney Movies.
I have at least 50 Disney songs on my Ipod.
I love music.
My favorite genre that I find myself listening to is Indie.
My favorite bands are; Ludo, The Fratellis, and Three days Grace.
I'm a bit hyper at times.
I can be annoying.
I am Gay.
I love it.
And of course, once more, I love you.

And that concludes the long list of me.
Take what you like and leave the rest.
I'm not saying to to sound concieted but I am perfect.
but so are you. Everyone and everything is perfect. because there is only one of you.. so what is there to compete with?
nothing you are the only and most perfect you.
I hope you know that.

anyway. thank you for reading my profile. I hope you learned alot about me.

if you didn't you can PM me with any questions but I think I covered everything.

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THIS IS ME!!! well I have way shorter hair now but thats my face.
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