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Last Login: 02/06/2013 8:16 am

Registered: 09/25/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 12/18

one by one

You totally wanted to know this [NOT]

Make it a quick one


Name: Anne-Destiny (pretty, right?)
Gender: Lets say I'm female for the moment... I'll check again later
Smexuallity: and then some
Location: in front of a screen

Loving: HUGS! Trees, human mentality, Stephen Fry, crows, drawing, being casually stalked, kitties, camwhoring (photos. now!), pathetic people, that first sip of coffee when it's raining on a tuesday (tuesday is the day of rain), the german accent, Bawb Bryar, any and almost all music and gaia <3

Hating: Utter manwhores and pimps, being stuck here, having next-to-no acessable cash, being ignored, a list of men who I shall not name, any disney-sponsored musicians, fast food (ew), sparrowhawks in the greenhouse, being vurnerable, this void feeling in my heart, being hurt by people, sewing needles (but I like injection ones) and when I'm slow to respond...

I can : Be nice to strangers, hug trees in the street, walk through a storm without getting drowned, carry a child in my arms without killing it or making it cry too loudly, Listen to most kinds of music without being deafened, do the washing-up without my hands peeling, wear a corset in -1 weather, make a woman feel loved, make a guy feel happy, go into sunlight without bursting into flame (most days), paint my own nails, look publically acceptable in the mirror and hug strangers

I can't - be praised without feeling guilty and get up without a reason for living.

a lifestyle option!

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The best friends I could ask for

Real Sister, Garden ninja

Denso, My wonderfully artistic friend

My best birthday gift EVER, drawn by caitlin

I make Chibis but I take... like... forever... so... I don't sell them

this b***h took 70k from me for THIS abomination >>>

Has awesome hair :3