Why hello there ^^ Thanks for visiting this awesomely pink profile. No I'm really kidding it's blinding....but I'll change it sometime.

What's there really to say? I'm not the smartest person around but I try to understand what you're trying to say. I've been told I'm friendly and I do like to make friends but at the same time, I'm pretty shy. It's more of an "in real life" sort of thing but even so...

I'm not too much of a person who cares about stuff...but I care about my friends a lot as well as those who need someone. Feel free to talk to me even if you don't know me.

I like to draw when I have the inspiration to do so as well as write stories mainly about adventure, saving the world and fantasy. To be honest, I believe that someday I'll be put into that position....but a person could dream.

Well if you'd like to be friends, go ahead =) and if you'd like to talk, do so if you wish to.

Here's my Dream Avatar. Quite the tomboyish type right? I feel in that mood recently and I'm too lazy to make a male character...but I could always change the gender. (Have any good usernames that are unisex?)

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Black And Cyan Half-Framed Glasses
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Ninja Sword
Dark Slate Gunner Boots
El Muerte Lucha Libre Cape
Bullet Belts
Belted Pants
Elegant Red Satin Vest
Dutiful Butler's Gray Vest And Shirt


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So what are you waiting for? Click on a story! (unless ur not interested)

So instead of writing about my life or about stuff I'm thinking about, I write stories in my journal. The people in her are usually the friends I hang out with the most or they're just my best buddies! Well we go on many adventures and there's a lot


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Hey. razz

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Hey smile
Lelouch X CC Lamperouge

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Lelouch X CC Lamperouge

You think we can find a hobo?!!!!!
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Where would we look for non crazy people? Uhhhhhhhhhh town?
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Lelouch X CC Lamperouge

Lol I hate those kinds of people.... Okay I'll make sure, btw I have not been on, in a long time.

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Forgotten about my Mule, Snow?
-Super. smile

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Lol yeah.

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Nice. razz
It's obviously going to be Blue.
If I get and iPhone I'm going to get a red cover.

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Yeah I figured.
However, if I get an iPhone I want that Talking Carl App.
It looks amazing!