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Once upon a time....

Mostly about real life s**t that I cannot handle [:


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Alexanderia Catherine Reeves. Seventeen. Junior. Open Minded. Creative. Best friend. Daughter. Human.

Addictions : Spongebob. Friends. Pictures. Food. Computer. Cell phone. Tea. Dr. Pepper. Music. Flowers. Bracelets. Beanies. Sharpies. Drawing. TV. Thunder Storms. Scary movies. Halloween. Nerds. Hot Topic. Megan. Brianna. Maggie. Leah. Maverick. Rachel.

Rehab : Two faced people. Bigger people who think they're skinny. Rap. Obnoxious people. Overly giggily girls. Immature people. Overly Christian people. Whores. Cheaters. Liars. Dark houses. People who curse way too much.

My name is Alley. And this is all you need to know about me.
I'm beginning to be pretty straightforward. I refuse to put up with drama this up coming year. I learned to smile through pain. I would like my name to stay out of your mouth. I'm a teenage girl. I have fits. Complain about the weather. Cry at sad movies. Get pimples. Have bad hair days. Blame everyone else, but myself. I have a past, everyone does. I just learned to let mine go. I can't hold a grudge to save my life. I'm a pretty decent kid. My most used words are - Kid. Liddo. Epic. Bro. & Fail. I don't believe in labels, because I am not a soup can. My life is being written in pen, so I cannot erase my mistakes. I love songs that have a message behind them, or that relate to how I'm feeling. I'm usually nocturnal during the summer. I've dated a girl, and we too can be dramatic. I'm not normal. I enjoy drawing. Goofing off. And being myself. I'm more of myself at home, because of the way society has brought me down. Originality is dead, don't tell me otherwise.

All in all,
I'm flaws mushed, molded, and crafted into a girl.
I'm Alley.
Take it or leave it.

If you wish to start rumors about me, please. Get your facts straight first.
You know my name, not my story‚ô•


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