heyy heyyy this is about mee >.< <3<3

hi hi my names alex im 16 and im small but not really small just a little small ^^ im gay and if you dont like it when go away now. I love messing about hehe =P. Everyone calls me a brat but i dont now why. P.S. when i grow up i want to be a cake chef =D ^^ ttyl
Some other stuff about me <3[u/]
----About Me-----
Name: alex( not getting my last name) -_-
Age: 16
Birthday: January 13th
Oreintation: gay
Who??:No one :{
Race: english
Pets: dog, hamster
Siblings: brother
Fav Band: All Time Low <3 Alex <-- mmmmmmmmmm <3
Fav Artist: Adele
Fav Fast Food: Burger King/Mc Donalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fav Store: blue ink woooo
Fav Animals: kitty's and fox's and tiger's
Smoke/Drink: No/No
Fav Cereal: Cocoa Puffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fav Comedian : dawn french
Fav Thing In The World: my friends >=3
Body Type: Athletic, Short, 5'10, Flexible, thin but not sickly thin :p
Fav Website: FACEBOOK!!!!
Grade: year 10
Fav Anime: shugo chara
Fav Show: heroes
Hobbies: playing video games, watching tele-o-vision, swimming, running and other sporty stuff
Characteristics: smartish, clumsy, outgoing, nice, laughs at everything and a biit dippy hehe
------Things I Hate The Most-------
1. Teacher's Pets
2. Fakes
3. Rapists
4. Wannabees
5. Slags
6. Boring People
-----People I Hate The Most------
1. People who hate me
2. The People Who Gossip about me
3. Vanessa Hudgens( AKA Fudge cake)
4. christian ronaldo (but he is quite nice )
-----People I Love The Most-----
1.JAMIE!!! <3
2. My Friends
3. My Mom
4. All my Gaia Friends tooooooo
help pleaseee smile
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