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Hiya! It's me, Smitten Kitten. :3 I'm a 21 year old girl who lives in the middle of a freakin corn field. No joke, that's what Nebraska is!! XD I'm obsessed with video games (the FF series, KINGDOM HEARTS!!! and Para Para Paradise are some of my favorites). I love almost every kind of music, but J-pop is my favorite.

Yes, I will admit it . . . . I'm a cosplayer. Yes, I'm such a nerd that I dress up as fictional characters and walk around in public. Don't you judge me!! D: lol Whatever I get done usually goes up in my journal, so go and check it out if you want.

I love to go to Anime Conventions, but I have other hobbies too. ;3
If you would like to know more about me, or just wanna randomly chat, go ahead and drop me a line! I love strangers . . . . they have the best kind of candy. >.> <.<

*C*U*R*R*E*N*T* *Q*U*E*S*T*!*
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Donations are made of God and Win. <3

Lol, I collect Rubber Ducks in real life, so it would just make sense for me to collect them virtually as well no? ^^

*As of right now I have Larry, Chucky, Sally, Doodle, and Itchy. :3 Would you like to donate them new friends/tickets to get their buddies out of jail lol? They and I would love you much for donations. <333

*Now time for the THANK YOU LIST OF DOOM!! D:*

*T*H*A*N*K* *Y*O*U*!
Thanks to peeps the video gamer, quiet wisper, Balewarrior, and
romus_sinikai for their many donations of fish, tickets, and random thingies and whatnots. :3

Thanks so much for all the donations from peeps the video gamer, Balewarrior, romus_sinkai, and everyone else for all of the ticket and token donations that helped me finally get my Long Drag!! <3

Thank you Peeps the video Gamer for the many many donations and to Chojin9999 for his epic donation to my cause, and to everyone else who so kindly donated tickets. :3

*Thanks Alchemisty for donating a ORLY? hat! Yay for my first ever donation!! biggrin

*Thanks to romus_sinikai for donating a Black Paintbrush, Leather Sketchbook, Mami Feet, Brown Work Gloves, and a Roco Rochel Costume Bracelet. ^-^ *Thanks again for donating Mythrill Armor and Vampire Bite Marks. X3 *is happy* Thank you hun!! <3
*Thank you for donating the Magical Girl!! <3
*Thank you for donating a Berry and Indigo Tavern Wenches Bustier, and 806 gold! Your such a sweetie. ;3
*Thanks for donating a Otafuku Mask, and a Brown Liripipe Hood!! ^-^
*Thanks for donating a Vampire Bat Swarm!!
*Thank you again to one of my biggest donaters for donating a Green, Yellow, Rose, Blue and Red Umbrella, a Treacherous Eloquent Tunic, a Elegant Pearl Drop Choker, an Aquarium Pirate Skull, 234 Tickets, and 815 Tokens!! That's a crap ton of stuff . . . . now PUT STUFF ON YOUR WISH LIST SO I CAN BUY YOU SOMETHING FOR ONCE!!! D: lol
*Thanks for donating a Sven the Penguin!! Now I has a birdie- don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but I got it thanks to you!! XD
*Thanks for donating a Heart Eye Patch, and a Dark Ice!! Thank you so much, cause I'm broke as hell and couldn't afford them myself! XD
*Thanks for donating a Memphis the Mermaid, Aquarium Fuchsia Pebbles, 8-bit Forest Aquarium Background, and Aquarium Bamboo 1. Now my pixel fishes will be happy!! X3
*Thank you for probably the most epic donation to date- <3THANK YOU<3 for donating a Powdered Sugarplum Tiara, an Elegant Red Satin Coat, Little Red Riding Hood, Midnight Gothic Bat Stockings, a Masterpiece, an Aquarium Dragon, an Aquarium Tubeworm, a Scooter Blenny, an Aquarium Kiki Catfish, a Kong Sang Scarf, an Oculus Mythica, a 2K9 Sexy Present, a Yellow Aquarium Meteor, an Aquarium Sun, a Skeleton, Angelic Parasol, and 300 Tokens- HOLY s**t THAT'S A LOT OF STUFF. D: Thanks so much!! <3 ^^
*Thanks again for donating a Toadstool!! ^^
*Thank you for donating Enchanted Strings, Starfish, Alruna's Rose, and 85 Tokens!! ^^
*THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! For donating a Reve Rouille!! I really love this item, and I really love you too!! ^^
*Thank you for donating a set of Elftech Gloves and some tokens . . . I don't remember how much though. O.0 Whoops. Sorry babe. XD
*Thanks for donating a Grass Skirt, Wooden Clogs, Ai the Lucky Cat and 210 Tokens, and over 12K in gold!! ^^ Your such a kind and generous person, and I'm lucky to have you as a friend. <3

*A big pink heart covered with sparkles and love goes to my buddy KittenStripes for donating a pair of Wooden Sandals! Thanks!

*The biggest : heart : in the world goes to my darling, my hamburger Baleworrior for donating a Sword of Aegis, a Fire Flower, AND A LUNAR CLOAK, HOLY CRAP!!! D: <3 Thank you my dear. I less than three you. biggrin (and no- I won't give your sword back!! XD)*Another big THANK J00 for Bale for feeding my pixel addiction, as he has sent me 318 Tickets, 1,391 Tokens, a Blade of the Silver Moon Tunic, and
mULtipants. X3 I less than three you!
*Thank you again for donating a Larry the Rubber Duckie, and a Chucky the Rubber Duckie. YAY! Now I can collect Pixel duckies and REAL duckies too!!! Oh joy! X3
*Thank you for donating an Arrow Fish, a Cuttle Fish, an Aquarium Pirate Skull, and an Aquarium Space Robot. :3
*thanks again for donating an Ancient Katana!! ^-^
*Thanks for donating a Japanese Marimo- and yes, I did want it just because it's Japanese. D:
*Thank you for donating Drystans Petals and a set of Cuttle Phones!! They are super cute and I love them! ^^

*Thank you SlumberLoli for donating Sand Cut Off Shorts and some Natural Coral Oblong Beads. It's true . . . strangers DO have the best candy.

*Thank you to Huruki for sending me a white daisy bouquet! I think I'm really on to something with my awesomness of strangers theory . . . :3

*A HUGE <3 and HUG go out to my very good friend x_Phonenix_Hart_x for donating a Young Mrs. Claus' Flirty Top, a Rawhide Glamrock Belt, a That Blue 90's Vest, a Ruby Forehead jewel, a Ska Prism Belt, and a Straw Hat. WOW. Thats so much stuff!! Thanks go out to ya buddy! biggrin <3 I shall have to repay your kindness soon. When you least expect it . . . . >.> <.< lol
*Even more huggies and love go to my buddeh x_Phoneix_Hart_x for donating EVEN MORE STUFF!!! biggrin This time around he has ever so kindly given me a TM (Time Piece), a Kappa Plush, Santa Baby Gloves, a G-LOL Dark Mistress Top, a set of Black and Gold Over Sized Bangles, a pair of Powdered Sugarplum Puff Sleeves, some Thick Brown Winter Socks, a Bape Cow (WHAT THE HECK IS A BAPE COW?! O-0), a Crossed Sports Bra, a Lovebird Plush, Pilots Goggles, a Black Wool Top, and a pair of Fishnets. THANK YOU!!!! I don't know what sort of awesome thing I'll get you but I'll think of something!! *looks at how much gold she has and cries* Someday . . . T^T

*A big red heart covered in lots of love, sprinkles (cause everyone loves sprinkles ;0 lol) and a big fat ribbon on top goes out to my very good friend Maeve Sinclair for giving me a Gwee. THANK YOU!!! biggrin *Thank you again for donating 354 Tickets and 156 Tokens!!

*Thank you to the very sweet and always kind lilly-kona-kun for giving me a Strawberry Margarita (Yays for cute pink drinks! biggrin ) and a Tuga the Narwhale Plush. I decided to call him Tuggey. X3 <3

*A big hug and lotsa nerdy luv go out to my very good buddy Eisenfaust88 for a Jingle Me Hat and a Red Leather Belt!! *eyes go all sparkly and watery* Wow, Christmas dreams really DO come true!! ^W^ Another thank you for donating a Pink Sweetheart Teddy! <3 I'm naming it Killer. >:3
*Thanks again to Eisenfaust88 for donating a FREAKIN LONGCAT SCARF, OMG!!! biggrin And 117 Tickets and 495 Tokens!! Thank j00!!! X3 *Thanks again to my buddeh for donating a Langer the Dragon Plush! :]

*A HUGE heart made of rainbows and LUV go to my very very good friend 1Mrs Elizabeth Turner for giving me a Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier!!! Thank you for being such a good friend. :3
*Huggles* Thanks for donating a Langer the Dragon Plush!! X3
*Thanks for donating a set of Nitemar Claws!! heart for you!!

*A big, lovely heart covered in sparkles and ribbons goes to my very good friend Angel_Asuan for donating Wonderland. I loves it, and will be repaying you very soon . . . . >.> <.<

* Yesh, DO WANT!!! biggrin
Thanks of HARDCORE AWESOMENESS go to my very dear friend and Para companion extraordinare peeps the video gamer for donating 1262 Tickets!! Thank j00 my tiny mitted friend!! <3
*Thanks again for donating another 159 Tickets!! biggrin And Yesh, you hands are that small. razz lol *YAYS!!! I gots another 360 Tickets from my very dear friend Peeps!! biggrin Thank you!!!
*Thankus for donating another 263 Tickets! J00 is the patron Saint of Tickets. XD *Thank you again for donating another 326 Tickets!! You are teh awesome. X3 *Thanks again for picking another 313 Tickets off your Epic Tree of Tickets you must have growing in your pixelated back yard!! <3
*Thanks to you, mah very good friend for donating another 312 Tickets!!
*Thanks for donating a Bow Tie! ^^
Thanks for donating 199 Tickets!!

*Thank you to xXTwilightPrincessXx for donating 32 Tickets for my noble quest for a clue. :3 I mean, uh . . . . . yeah. :[

*Thanks to Chojin9999 for a donation of EPIC proportions- 2519 Tickets to be exact!! Thank you so much!! <3

*Thanks and much love go out to my brother in spirit HeromanXZeroProtoman for donating a Red Parisian Fan!! Thank you so much and love ya! ;3

*Thank you ChaosMithandros for donating Suspenders!! ^-^ Now my avatar can be sluttier than ever. razz
*Thanks for donating Pinstripe Saloon Girl Stockings- Even though you hate me. >.> lol
*Thank you for donating a Cherry Blossom!! Love you baby. <3

*A big thank you and a huge hug goes out to my friend Warriorette757 for donating a pair of Wooden Clogs!! Thanks so much, your awesome!! ^^

*Thank you to Deaux for donating 530 Tokens to my quest! ^^

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I might have a few real entry's thrown in here and there, but for the most part this is where I show of my art, cosplays, and other random art things. So, go ahead and take a peek if you'd like. Comments/suggestions/critiques are always appreciated.


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phoenixianCrystallist Report | 09/09/2011 8:59 am
Happy birthday! cat_4laugh
SilentHillFanGrl Report | 10/10/2010 4:40 pm
phoenixianCrystallist Report | 10/03/2010 4:09 pm
HAPPY RIDICULOUSLY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! biggrin (just now got the announcement)
foxyfoxy_0113 Report | 02/16/2010 3:33 pm
Lol The only thing I want are my fairy wings!!
Little Miss Nofty Report | 02/14/2010 7:00 pm
Eh...could be better. And hopefully will be soon. biggrin

Freya_001 Report | 02/10/2010 4:25 pm
Aww, that fact that you wanted to is really sweet. biggrin
Maeve Sinclair Report | 02/05/2010 11:06 pm
well with luck ill be at either nebraskon or otaku omaha this year as claire from claymore=) im excited
Chojin9999 Report | 01/27/2010 5:44 am
I feel like I need ear plugs to look at your avatar. XD
Little Miss Nofty Report | 01/25/2010 8:20 pm
Thanks. biggrin
Atleast its over now.

So how are you?
Katsuragi Misato Report | 01/25/2010 4:49 pm
xD Ty for the Coat! Still goings to Naka? ^^


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