Wow hi im Trisha im not going to be on gaia much longer so you reading this is pretty useless.

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Chapter 1
The begining
That's when it started. Everything started, the end of life as we knew it. In these few pages that im writing before all is lost, all sanity that is what's left of it. This is how IT all started! To introduce the main people im Patty my dense friend is Diamond other people will be introduced as the story progresses as it really happened in real life.

"Today feels like a zombie day!" I had exclaimed not knowing that it was a zombie day.
"y-yes --- whats a zombie day?" My dense friend asked as we walked across the fog covered street.
"Oh! What?"
"By zombie day i mean te feeling you get when you feel like a zombie is about to come out of someones house with blood and gore oozing from their mouth, and then charge at you full speed till they reach you they bite you flesh off and thats it after that you a gonner!" I had carefuly replyed not using any big words that might confuse my best friend.
"Hey! Wait!" Beatrice yelled from like 50ft away to hopefuly slow or stop our progress towards the bus stop. We're all in the 7th grade and we "have" to go to school. "whatcha talkin' bout?"
"NOTHING!" Diamond said rather quick, i think to maybe veer my thinking so she could introduce a new subject into our clique.
"Ah! How could you? I was just thinking about where we could escape to if an event like that were to happen. Ugh! Bea! We were talking about today and how it feels oddly like a zombie day!" I explained simply to Bea. You see Bea is like ummm... very southeren! But in a good way because she uses it to her advantage.
"Ummm.... What?" Bea questioned very childishly.
" It's a feeling people like Patty get when something is wrong with a day, like today apparently feels like zombies are about to attack!" Diamond said to re-introduce the subject after noticing that the subject wasn't so bad! Then the girls along with the rest of the people that were at the stop heard as roar followed by a screech! The school bus engine and the brakes. So, unfortinaly they had to get on the bus and hed school.
Notice i didn't say go to school because on the way there a stupid 6th grader noticed a body lying near the train tracks with a crowd of people crouched at least 10 feet away around another body. Just to be nosey like most humans left the safety of the bus and went to aid the still person.Just as the evil bus driver Ms.Bayer went to check his pulse he yelled. I noticed that he had a few bites on his arm and his neck so i ran atleast 30 feet to the bus dragging along my best friends Diamond and Bea to the bus. Foolishly Ms.Bayer left the keys in the ignition (stupid old ladie) and so as she was bitten by the man that just transformed into a zombie a few kids ran back into the bus and i closed the giant doors and started the thirty year old twinky on wheels.
"Woohoo! Look at that one guy just rip James's guts right out of his belly button!" Diamond cheered. I know your like wow she would cheer for that horriable, discusting act of total canniablism! But if i would have writing back in 6th grade you would have been like oh well he DESERVED that! Because well he did and we were glad! Diamond went out with James back when the world was right!After James got up and ran after the bus i floored it and peeled out of the area. Remeber when i was thinking and Diamond aslo know know as my dense friend was talking to bea well i was thinking of where to go "if" this kind of thing ever happened so i thought sam's club. Why you ask ... i say they sell food and anything you might need or want to live. So driving extra fast i drove towards the huge gray store.
end chapter 1

Chapter 2.
The new life
So we were so close to the parking lot when the stupid buses tranmission over heated and stopped the bus! (just my luck)After that we had about two min. before the horde of ravinious (wo)man eating monsters got to the bus. We had to think of a plan and QUICK! I thought that we should just run for it but we had a kid with asthma and a fat kid so we went with my plan! Well it's like this them or us and i didn't want to die but, neither did they so we gave them a farewell hug and left them! My plan was called get the heck out of the bus and into the store or for short good luck slow people! I felt sorry for them but I also felt relieved because if not them, us ... not just me and my friends them too so they would have died anyways. We were like ten feet from the entrance when Bea got her foot stuck in a storm drain. She told us to go on, but shes very dramatic so we grabbed her arms and pulled her foot out, spraning her ankel in the process. Small price to pay because just then the horde of hungry (wo)man eating zombies rounded the cornner.
"RUN!!!" the fat kid screamed before the entire horde tackled him to the ground. I stopped watching after that, but you know what happened to him.
"Patty hurry up and RUN!!!" Diamond screamed beacuse i was in a trance ... sort of, those words brought me out of the "hypnotic state."
"AHHH!!!" Bea was yelling when she took a step. Luckly we were far enough ahead so we didn't have to run fast."Patty look the doors are closed" Bea said with pain in her voice.I rembered the cart door it's this little plastic curtain where the carts were pushed through into the store. At the moment i didn't see that door as a problem, but as a soulution.
"THE CART DOOR!!!" I screamed.
"where is it?" Diamond very quickly asked as she was looking around for it.
"ummm...it's - it's i dont know just run it's on one of the sides of the main hallway."I said leading the few survivours towards our new life in this huge store.
"FOUND... IT!!!" The kid with asthma said.
"GO!" we were in when the kid with asthma dropped to the ground. He said he lost his inhailer in the panic. Diamond and Bea went to the pharmacy to find him somthing to calm his asthma attack. We couldn't find anything but after a glass of cold water he was good for awhile. We split into 2 groups to survay the area and close all holes or anything that might let in zombies. We all forgot about the cart door. In the middle of the night David, the kid with asthma, woke to a scraching noise as he described it and went to check it out it was a small group of zombies trying to get in through a 3ft by 4ft hole all at the same time.David woke us all and we worked together to close the hole with a slab of steal. Sucsess! Im a natural born leader and unfortinaly no one else was so i couldn't pass the burden off to another person. On the sixth night we heard a crash and then a boom. It was that steal slab falling to the ground and a girl yelling for help because her brother was trapped in a car with about 3 zombies surrounding it. We went to are stash of weapons in the hunting section of the store, and we went for him while David stayed with the girl we later learned that it was one of our classmates and good friends olivia we couldn't tell in the dark. We (Bea, Diamond, and Me) went to go get her brother John from the car. It was simple until the rest of the zombies around us heard the gun shots and started running at us franticly. We quickly ran back with Olivia's brother John to our haven, we put up the slab of steal and this time blocked it with other really heavy things. By the 7th day we were getting tired of hot pockets and other microwavable foods. On the 27th day our sanctuary was breached and we lost David in the mess. R.I.P David! I went to the employe bathrooms to take a shower when i heard a noise. I never found out what it was, but i didn't really want to find out. The 30th day came and went we were all getting bored and we needed things to do. Fourtinaly sam's club also has extercise equipment. We made a fitness center. I spent almost all my time there. Just in case anything ever happened we all carried a weapon or two. I made a rule of it after what happened to David. Long distance weapond required at ALL times. Only if we could have saved David. John is acting a little odd lately like hes becoming distant. He usually stays away from people. David was like a brother to us all, but mostly to John. Well at least John is talking to us again 16 days later. Olivia has become like a mom to us all, but in a good way! Bea really likes to read. Theres like 10 books in the whole store and shes read all of them at least five times each! Bea is really smart, but she doubts her self and thats her down fall. Diamond is like ... well shes still like her self, but sence she dosen't really have to do stuff shes really shown her true colors. Now she wears make up. I know the world has been puked on by hell and she can find some time to put on lipgloss and blush. But Diamond is still her self although shes compleatly different. Me ... well thats difficult i've beecome whatever the time required i would be a shoulder to cry on or a problem solver. Although we all like each other David and Bea were a thing (she still wears black all the time) and Diamond and John are a thing. Problems do occur but no often. When they do there all of our emotions poured out all at once.Hate, Love, Anger, and sorrow most of all sorrow. Because we were all normal teenagers when this started and now were ... i dont know different. About 50 days in olivia snapped! She just couldn't take life like this anymore and walked out the back door. It was all over in about a min. as if John wasn't hurt enough she left him here alone. Olivia was all the family John had left. More than we all had but it was still somthing. A day after Olivia left we found a zombie wandering around the store just like chillin' to my surprise it was Ms. Bayer! Diamond, Bea, and i took turn shooting at her because well it was amusing. We hated that old bat even befor we met her in 6th grade.
"This is so much fun" Diamond said ... fun thats a word we couldn't say often but if it was said usually was about how we used to have fun.
"What day is it?" Bea questioned.
" October 23 " i replied. I was the one that counted the days and kept track of what time it is.
"Todays my birthday." Bea said. But it wasn't cheerful it was like wow since school started we've been in this store doing nothing.
"Oh... Really" Diamond asked.
" Yup" Bea anwsered
"well then we better go to your party!" I said. I knew it was her birthday i planned her a surprise birthday party. When we got there a cake was made from the bakery and ribs were grilled and punch was made.
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" we all screamed joyfuly when she arrived. Bea started crying. I dont know why but i assume that it was because her mom used to make her ribs and cakes for her birthday and we don't even know if she was alive or if anybody at all was alive.My birthday was in 3 days, but i don't care for birthdays. My birthday came and went. It's not that nobody wanted to throw me a birthday party it's that i protested so i didn't have to get one. 56 days and im now 14. END CHAPTER 2

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