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That be me and my cracka twin Brittany.
She's my best friend and worst enemey.
Man I swear this b***h annoys the crap out of me sometimes.
But I love her to death even when I don't want to.
She knows all my secrets so if she turned on me..
I'd probably have to kill her.
She claims I stil like 'shorty' but I'm fo sho I don't.
That cracka won't believe me though. Gawd!
Anyway though she's my girl.
Hurt her and I'll kill you....maybe. lol. <3


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lauren is...
fifteen, and will turn sixteen on the 28th of jan.
musically inclined, plays violin and is good at it.
pretty athletic, loves soccer, is super aggressive.
mean a lot of the time, ask my bff, she'll tell you.
a freaking beast in english and science.
surprised that she's in love with art class.
actually good at art, this surprised her too.
like my bff, she want to get married and stay married.
a children person, she wants two boys and a girl.
a twin, her twin is brittany or Treble Deaf.
a sophomore in high school and has decent grades.
drug free, and plans on staying that way.
pretty conceded at times for someone with low self-esteem.
more sensitive then she lets on to be.
a pretty tough cookie, throw a punch at her, you'll see.
at the moment torn over a guy that she'll never get.
done with this and will answer your questions now.
walking away to find cake to eat.

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