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Heyhey razz
Im Destiny, Im 15
Im a huge girliegirl but i play dif sports and love nature
I can be a little ditzy at times but idc wat any1 says i know im intelligent!
I care about the enviroment and want to be apart of trying to keep it healthy
I think im nice and i cant stand people with bad attitudes so if your mean then dont talk to me (plz lol) xP
I also love animals and have two cats( King Tuxedo a.k.a Tux and Princess Myah a.k.a. Myah. i dont rly like either of them lol)
i LOVE to shop
my fave pastime is eating(im not fat), hangin out wit friends, chatting on fb, n txtin
O and i also LOVE music!
....well i think thats it... hit me up smile


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I love animals pink clothes and fashion and i'm not exactly sure what i will be putting in here.


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badsnowy377 Report | 04/19/2011 2:40 pm
u havent got on in forever do u have a bf in real how r u doin
badsnowy377 Report | 02/27/2011 5:54 am
luv u
Gemini-June-Ana-june-1995 Report | 02/11/2011 11:08 pm
thanks. i think i'm gonna move on, i want to be with someone mature and like me. these boys now a days just want sex, but i don't so its kinda hard. nope i can't do any sports yet, until my knee recovers, plus we're taking driver's ed for 10 weeks, boringggg lol.
xXSexyDestiny5991Xx Report | 02/11/2011 5:12 pm
it was kinda wierd cuz i was talkin to my bf n he said he wanted to meet my friends.. he doesnt like meeting new ppl so i was confused but he said he was thinkin bout the funny stuff i tell him bout my friends n he wants to b apart of it all. he was even askin if i thot theyd like him. it was kinda wierd cuz i wasnt too happy with him at the time
FallenNiteAngel377 Report | 02/06/2011 11:58 am
sometimes not really. the guys of my friends in my group aspect him but the girls... well not really. I just wish they would like him like they should be glad that im with him. sometimes he can be a dum dum but hes a good guy.
Gemini-June-Ana-june-1995 Report | 02/05/2011 8:24 pm
it is annoying and lame too. i'm like do i look like i'm into that, or interested in you. i hope this boy is different though.
Fearless elana Report | 02/05/2011 8:24 pm
Fearless elana
hey remember me if u want im in towns 6000
Gemini-June-Ana-june-1995 Report | 02/05/2011 8:16 pm
lol so true. i'm like 5"3 and i've gone through the same stuff. i be like get out my face you freak. and i most certainly will find out as much as i can.
Gemini-June-Ana-june-1995 Report | 02/05/2011 8:08 pm
i been knowin him for a lil bit. don't know his age yet but workin on that. he says he's a senior, i kinda doubt that lol. i don't know if he' s goin to college yet, or getting a job.
FallenNiteAngel377 Report | 01/30/2011 12:38 pm
i dont agree with ur mom also. i also want 2 sleepover with my bf and she doesnt let me but she lets my sis. It wasnt really fair. she lets my sis bring her bf into me and sis's room and let them lay next 2 each other but when it comes 2 me and my bf, she gets really mad at me like 1 time she got mad at me in front of my bf and i started crying in front of him for the 1st time and i walk out of the house and my bf ran after me 2 be by my side. That was a horrbile day of my life. I told her we werent doing anything wrong in that room. She still gets mad at me. I hate my mom when she does that and i really hate in my life that my friends say that hes not a good looking guy 2 me. I really hate that. I dont go for guys that r good looking and 2 me he is. He just dont like 2 show off like he doesnt want 2 take off his jacket unless im cold and its ok for him 2 do that. So i hate my mom and im starting 2 hate my friends when they do that 2 me also.
Kingpin AJ
ii_WOOF_ii XD
Fearless elana

M3 N S0M3 0 MY B35T FR13ND5

M3,M1 RL COUZ1N, N M1 GA1A 8R0

Love these guyz!

My Friend in rl. ugh she
gets on my nerves
like she is now but i still
luv her
for some reason <3