:D random!

HEY hey,
this is Riri speaking(typing lol) riri is my nickname tht one of my best frends gave me in the seventh grade (:
i have lots of frends! and i love them to death ther always ther for me
appearence: i am short(5'1') ,brown eyed, long black hair
personality:sweet,funny,mean(sometimes),lovable,nice,evil(jkjk),RANDOM(like hella) and i love having a good time! and tend to be weird and bubbly CX but you just have to love tht bout me (:
i love having lots of frends they keep me sane lol don't ask me bout relationships cuz im taken lol but i would love to add you as a bro or sis lol
kay kay if you wanna know more bout me text me thts if you have my number tho lol and if i can trust you enough to give it to you (: you just have to get to know me more thts all lol
love yea laterz!
~Riri (:

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I have a weird personality if you ask me....

Here's a thought: would you rather be like everyone else in the world or dare to be diffrent and just come out and be yourself?

Here's a quote: People come and go as we know it, the past is far gone, and the future is yet to come, spend time with those who love and care about you, and forget what has already been done. Although we may regret our mistakes but it's time to take flieght and run, Dream what you want, Live how you do. And don't forget to smile once in awhile (: ~ i made that one up!

Here's a fact: I may be laughing and smiling when I'm with the people I love, but on the inside I'm sad,depressed,hardcore,angry, and even crying when I'm alone. Yes it's true I could be a loner, and it's all true. I may seem emo, but I don't cut myself. And I swear on that. I'm a deepthinker and also very hard to understand. So good luck trying to decode me. I'll only tell you what you want to hear. But don't get me wrong I could be very honest or a complete lie... ((//.^))