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Mkayz well my name is Julia Wildgrube but i go by Julia randomness im 13yrz old im very very hyper!! even though
most people would never be able to guess that since im very quite out in public (im really!! shy!!) but when im just hanggin out with my
"Cupcakez" (thats what i call my best friendz) im my super hyper random self lolz if u pay attention to some of my outfits u can tell that im
a little scene but im not scene well atleast not anymore ive stopped labling my self because well i cant find a lable i fit into! im to Girlie
to be tomboy and im to Emo to be girlie but im not depressed enough to be emo and im not scene because well i dont like hello kitty
enough lmao razz so ive decided that my lable is "Julia randomness" and that means im extra specail because theres no one else like me biggrin
(not specail like one of jerrys kids) well im sorta lazy but only because im always working around the house my mother treats me like her
slave and when ever i do something wrong she says "Thats a bad employ" and she says being a kid is getting ready to have a job BS ik but
i cant do anything about it...sadly :/ My Daddy is really cool though!! even though he doesnt believe me i think hes the best daddy in the
intire world since God created the earth lolz razz im always sayin that to him too lolz. Hm lets think of something else...OH right!! lolz i L.O.V.E
Ballet its my LIFE!!! sadly i wont be able to do it this coming year :/ (september 2010) but im still gonna be doin stuff around the house like
dancing lol i do that A LOT!! lmao razz . Another thing im totally addicted to is...wait no another PERSON im addicted to is Jesus!! biggrin he is truely
my everything!! Well another thing about me is that im Homeschooled :] sorta kewl sorta sux but everything is like that right?? lol well Okay well ik i
had to add this to tell all about me so y not right?? mkayz well Ive only really liked three guys in my life and i just got over one of them a few months
ago and i liked him for 2 1/2 yrz!! hudge waste ik ik!! but now i like these two guys and one of them is 5yrz older X__x ik its bad and ik he wont ever
like me and i told him that i i liked him and everything but yeah...and the other guy well thats a secret i cant say anything about him. Tip of advice: never
like two guys at once its stressful!!! Wait whats that u wanna know who i like?? oh well ur gonna have to send me a message asking i might tell u but i might
not just dependz :] lol Okay well here are the random facts
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Animal: Monkey
Pet: cat
Food: ALL FOOD(except chinesse)
Color: Black
Color Combo: Black, Neon Green, Darkish Pink
Cleb Guy: Heath ledger(dead)/Taylor Lautner(Alive)
Cleb Girl: Katy Perry (older)/Selena Gomez(Young)
Family member: Tie between Daddy and Sister
If u think of something else u want me to know message me :}

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