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What I'm wearing. ¤^3^¤



I'll just stick with this profile theme so far. <.<

So! What about me? I'm pretty average, I'd say. My self-esteem changes a lot, so if I'm extremely shy one day and really confident the next, that's got nothing to do wíth you. ^^;

I'm probably younger, than you'd expect (of course not after reading this, though <.<) and, er.. yeah. =o=

Pink is definitely not my favourite color, no, but black and red are. I don't really like the color pink, actually. xD

Drawing is basically my life. I'm still trying hard to improve, but there are probably clearly visible flaws in my drawings, especially when it comes to anatomy. And I've got a lot of problems drawing guys. ^^;;

Hmm.. Maybe some facts about me?:

-I suck at cooking.
-I love cats. ^^
-I @#&%£!!1 at math.
-I have the habit of hitting and punching people when I get excited or laugh. orz
-I've never been in love.
-It's almost impossible for me to get stressed.
-I've got pale skin and blond hair. X:
-My zodiac sign is Aries.
-I love horrors, but I prefer psycologically scary movies. :3
-I easily laugh.. which is annoying. >A<
-I love~ ice cream.<33 ; u ;
-I enjoy crossdressing.
-I hate wearing skirts and dresses irl.
-I prefer having long hair, so that I can hide my face when I blush, which I do a lot.
-I love the dark, and the sun kills me. D':

I love getting friends, and meeting new people is a lot of fun, so please leave a comment if I in any way seem interesting. ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
That would make me very happy, anyway. :'D

Oh! I draw free sketches, btw. n.n But please don't wear too many items. T____T
Whenever I get the time, I'll submit some samples. Thank you. C:

I guess that's about it. Bye~ :}


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lil bunbun angel babby Report | 02/01/2014 8:13 am
lil bunbun angel babby
Wow cool Avi dear~~~ so regal
You seem interesting, never been in love? Awh... How can that be...
IIiGabyII Report | 08/19/2010 11:00 pm
Yuor avatar is very beautiful heart
Sorry I'm just a random guest but i couldn't resist not to comment sweatdrop
White Dragon Of Legend Report | 06/15/2010 12:10 pm
White Dragon Of Legend
White Dragon Of Legend Report | 06/14/2010 11:00 am
White Dragon Of Legend
That in truth is true.
White Dragon Of Legend Report | 06/13/2010 5:30 pm
White Dragon Of Legend
I don't mind.
I see him sometimes, but sometimes I wonder why I bother to see him at all.
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 06/13/2010 3:02 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
xD lol i can't stay too late since i have to wake up at 6 am tomorrow also yesterday i slept at 5am so im tired X-X bye bye good night ^^
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 06/13/2010 2:46 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Ok I'll add that to the story too now I shall go to sleep it's 22:50 pm here :3
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 06/13/2010 2:28 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Yup I said I will meet u in my story too ^^ hehehe
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 06/13/2010 2:13 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Yup ^^ tonight I'm going to Denmark I already packed my bags AND wrote the storyline...u see I'm going there in my dream XD so I made a storyline
Dinosaur Ejaculation Report | 06/13/2010 1:58 pm
Dinosaur Ejaculation
Very big differences o.o Lol but tonight I'll be flying to Denmark :3

I am ice cream-ish awesome~! d(=U = )

A profile, that makes me wanna throw up. TTATT