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ll Cyri ll Report | 11/27/2011 8:46 am
ll Cyri ll
i lurv chu <3
ll Cyri ll Report | 01/27/2011 1:52 pm
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>w <
ll Cyri ll Report | 01/26/2011 6:00 pm
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-hugs- <3

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My name is Ryosuke, I was born into Akatsuki. It's pretty chaotic around the base but eh, I don't really mind it, It's pretty entertaining actually. Not only that but my fathers probably one of the strongest members in the group so there's not much to worry about. I'm a highly intuitive person meaning I can sense things before they happen, what's going on without even being associated with the problem, and being able to read peoples moods and feelings. I blame my mother for that personally. . . . You could consider both of my parents violent and sadists (not that I really mind or anything) so I try to be the sane one in the familly and stay out of fights, my main goal to be a medic ninja.

Well, I guess that's it, feel free to talk to me if you want. I'm a pretty laid back dude, at least I think so.

Personality: Very calm and collected, a pretty laid-back character for the most part. Drama and trouble doesn't get to him very easily and he has a very high tolerance level allowing him to laugh or make a joke of any negative attention directed towards him. He likes to think of himself as a form of comic relief, with his nonchalant attitude. Even though both his parents are labeled sadists and he grew up in a very violent area, he considers himself as somewhat as a pacifist. He'll defend himself if needed but would rather fix the problem by other means before resorting to physical violence. He's a pretty outgoing guy, but has his shy moments. He's high intuitive, but keeps his knowledge to him self in most cases afraid of being judged for it.

Age: 15

Likes: He secretly enjoys plants, tending to them and raising them is something he does off on his own. He enjoys making his own personal stock of medicinal herbs in which he hopes to be able to use to help people in the future. He also likes making poisons out of the plants but do to his gentle nature he can't bring himself to actually test them out most of the time. He likes learning and is highly intelligent like both of his parents, though they got most of there knowledge from experience as he collects his from books and experimentation. He likes attention, and if he doesn't have it he tends to get slightly obnoxious. His favorite food is Yakineji and will eat just about any fruit or vegetable.

Dislikes: Unlike both of his meat craving parents Ryosuke is actually a vegetarian, the sight of meat grosses him out a bit (though he can manage to stomach down an occasional fish but would prefer not to). He doesn't like to be left out or ignored, he needs to be constantly entertained by people, or he'll become a pain to ignore. He dislikes fighting and violence, he's afraid if he part-takes in it he'll become a violent sadist like his parents. Over serious people bore him and, even though he himself could be considered one, hates "know-it-alls".

Elements: Earth (Dominate) Fire (Secondary)

Weaponry: He doesn't carry much for weaponry. He only carries a few Kunai for self defense and on rare occasions a few jars of poison.


Geokinesis- The ability to manipulate Rock and Soil.

Nature Manipulation- The ability to manipulate the elements of nature.

Earth Release- Allows chakra to flow through all parts of the users body and harden into steel like quality.

Earth Grudge- The ability to transform into an almost rag-doll appearance in order to create threads for manipulation. (Not yet Awakened)

Pyrokinesis- The ability to manipulate heat and Fire.

Physical Advantages: He has slightly stronger senses then the average human that he inherited from his mothers Naga DNA. His body consists of high healing chakara which makes him a useful person to keep around being able to heal people and himself from near death. From his father he obtained the ability to harden his skin allowing him to raise his defense.

Mental Advantages: He's intuitive and can see into the future even if it can seem vague. He has an incerdible understanding of things and even though he tries to hide it is very logical prooving in his mine to very rarely be wrong. He can read peoples minds to an extent and see auras translating them well to see a persons true character.

Weaknesses: He has difficulties in wet areas or battling a water user as an opponent for it makes his Fire element useless. His super hero like persona could also be seen as a weakness, for he would jump in front of danger to protect someone else and end up getting himself harmed/killed.


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