Bobby Trujillo.



You think you know who your true friends are?What
till high school and see who is there for you
when your ex- girlfriend spreads rumors about you. Think you'll
never do drugs? Wait till its right in front of you and all your "friends"
are doing it. Think you're tough? Wait till you say the wrong
thing to the wrong person. See who backs down first. Think you're
smart?wait till you have an English paper, science project, history
test, and a 10-minute oral due tomorrow cause you were absent
for one day. Think you're dope? Wait till you're the only one who
doesn't make the sports team. You think you're popular?
Wait till you make one mistake and everyone loses respect for you.
Think you'll never fall in love? Wait till a girl looks deeply into your
eyes and says she loves you. Think you'll never get your heart
broken? Wait till that same girl is holding another guys behind
your back. Think you won't have s e x? Wait till the girl you think
you love says it will make you closer. Think "nothing's going to
happen to you"? Yeah, wait till you're sitting in a jail cell,
wondering how you got caught. Think you'tre always going to be
an individual? Well wait till one morning when you look in the
mirror and you look like everyone else.


Name: bobby you
can call
me bob if you wan
Age: 16
Seex: Male
Race: Hyspanic
Likes: Cars,Girls,
drawing, and
partying hard haha!
Dislikes: Fakes Bitches


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Song of the dayy!!.


1. Hold your breath 2. Go to your profile and add this 3. Still holding your breath 4. If you made it, your a good kisser(: I made itt