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There's another world inside of me
that you may never see.
There's secrets in this life
that I cant hide.
Somewhere in this darkness
there's a light that i can't find.
Maybe it's too far away.
Maybe I'm just blind.

So hold me when im here.
Right me when I'm wrong.
Hold me when I'm scared
and love me when im gone.
Everything I am
and everything you need.
I'll also be the one
you wanted me to be.
I'll never let you down.
Even if I could.
I'd give up everything
if only for your good.
So hold me when I'm here.
Right me when I'm wrong.
You can hold me when I'm scared.
You won't always be there.
So love me when I'm gone.

Love me when im gone...
When your x-ray
can not see under my skin
I won't tell you a dam thing
that i wouldn't tell my friends!
Roaming through this darkness
I'm alive and sometimes alone.
Part of me is fighting this
but part of me is gone...
...so hold me when im here.

aimer always. <3


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xXcarelesscatastropheXx Report | 03/04/2012 3:29 pm
Umm hey.. do you think you could help out a friend of mine by donating and clicking this link! It will do a ton for her!!<333
-who-killed-kyle- Report | 11/26/2009 11:24 am
Thanks for picking me.
JakeisAzN Report | 09/23/2009 5:27 pm
Hey babe, you really needa change or update your profile lol im bored and got a lot of homework but i had time to type to you even tho ur txtn lmfao anyways... i love you and ill ttyl
cookiedoujin Report | 04/28/2009 3:46 pm
omg Angel !!! you say your not the cut-yourself-kind.... My a**. lol
eyoreluver33 Report | 11/21/2008 9:11 pm
remember me from horse camp
The_Noz Report | 10/31/2008 10:18 am
ello random person that i do not know! ^-^
xXemocandy123Xx Report | 08/20/2008 9:50 am
hello amigo
Wang Phat Report | 07/19/2008 9:23 pm
Wang Phat
hey its me bloodz_4_ever_sycotic u know me as skittles_who_pay_me_2_kil blah blah blah can u add me ;]
Dangerous Dom Report | 06/24/2008 12:59 pm
Dangerous Dom
Cool Greenday rock!!! do you have the time, to listen to me whine...
edward1012 Report | 06/08/2008 1:17 pm
hi how are u today?