*love is when you can't sleep because you can't stop thinking about them*love is when you cant talk because you're afraid you're gonna say something stupid*love is when you barely move because you're scared you will do something dumb*love is when you stare at the phone for hours hoping that they'll call*love is when the only thing that makes you feel better is their smile*love is when people can say anything to you or about you and you just don't care*love is when you get online and you sit there for hours and wait for their annoying sound so you can finally talk to them*love is when you find someone that you can tell everything and you're sure they wont make fun of you*love is when you can just wake up have makeup running down your face from crying and they'll still say you're beautiful*love is when they would do anything to see you smile*love is when every song reminds you of them*love is when they're dying and the last thing they want is to hear your voice one last time*

these are the things i want in my life...ill be searching for that special guy....forever.