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♥-What is there to say, I'm PsycoticBunny
♥-I have a seemingly normal life then again doesn't everyone?
♥-I believe aliens created us, the evidence is clear & all around us
♥-I'm a infamous writer & photographer
♥-My mind is clouded with nothing but the truth
♥-I've become more isolated then I use to be due to paranoia
♥-Edger Allen Poe is my all time favorite writer.
♥-Tim Burton is my all time favorite director, producer, and screen writer.
♥-Alice in wonderland
♥-Classical music is beautiful
♥-Weed is my escape
♥-I don't necessarily "live" in reality
♥-Everyone judges me then again I judge myself
♥-I wanna die in my sleep
♥-I don't really believe in true love
♥-Cartoons shouldn't be for young kids
♥-Everyone spends to much time using technology & depends to much on it
♥-I like seeing people succeed in things they love


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iTehBadAssMofo Report | 06/14/2010 11:48 am
lol nice
iTehBadAssMofo Report | 06/13/2010 11:34 pm
what show O.o
iTehBadAssMofo Report | 06/13/2010 11:29 pm
can we post the profiles in the foums so people know its active?
iTehBadAssMofo Report | 06/13/2010 11:21 pm
Well hello xD wink so did i get accepted into the rp?
I Jessichu I Report | 05/30/2010 12:14 pm
I Jessichu I
Are ya happy? I put a s**t load of non expensive s**t on there. Lol. Bout to go buy a bunch of it though. Ha ha.
I Jessichu I Report | 05/30/2010 10:22 am
I Jessichu I
Lmao. I put them there so I can remember which ones I want. I get around to buying them. xD It just takes me a while. Lol. And that's awesome. biggrin
maverick1995 Report | 05/30/2010 8:01 am
lol i changed my mind now.
Christian The Merciless Report | 05/29/2010 1:56 pm
Christian The Merciless
Haha of course you have always been on my page silly
acedogfreak1 Report | 11/23/2009 8:23 pm
haha! me too! i get shin first tho!!!!
lone darkvampire Report | 08/23/2009 11:15 pm
lone darkvampire
acedogfreak1 this is the girl i am with currently