Once Upon A Time

There was a young girl. And she had a dream.
To live happily ever after <3

Bonjour, Ciao, Hello~! Language is nothing but a different melody of words and regardless of what accent you speak, the meaning is all the same. Isn't that amazing? How one simple word can mean so much to a individual, make their day, change their whole life? I love that about life. Everyday I try to make someone smile or laugh, even through those times when I myself do not feel like smiling. So it's not a surprise to those who know me to see me always smiling or optimistic because life is so much more exciting that way! There are times, though, that I do have my occasional mess ups. When I'm nervous, I'm a terrible klutz to the point where one time I tripped up the stairs. Oh boy, that is embarrassing. Anyway, despite my sometimes frequent clumsiness, it all just vanished whenever I set foot underneath the limelight. Surprisingly to some who only see the klutz before them, I love to dance and perform. I just can't explain the feeling of being center stage, all eyes on you, and the music pours into your veins like another source of life. It's captivating, it's thrilling, it's like a story told through the rhythm of the dancer. It's a special kind of tale, not one found on paper, but on the floor for all to see and listen. Yet, I want to take that story to the next level. Our stories are what we make it and I do not plan to stay in one place for very long. I want to see the world, I want to experience new things, I want to meet new people, and i want to do it all before I am too old and start to think rationally. Since really, when is that ever fun?

Live. Laugh. Love. Regret Later~